Manage web pages and text

In organizing a web page we should pay attention to the composition of heading, set the background color, select the font type, font size appropriate from h1-h6, alignment, line-height or line spacing and so forth.

Actually it needs to know to bloggers to understand one of them is improvement in the CSS. For readability, it suggests the em unit.

Well .. if we notice in provision of units sometimes vary in the existing templates that provide px, em, pt and percentage (%).

Dark And Light Picture Effects

Dark And Light Picture Effects On The Blog Post

When bloggers write an article, usually it can not be separated from the image as a complement to an article that aims to provide a description / explanation of the article or as a complement. Actually the picture / image on the post could be given a little additional effects to enhance your appearance by making use of hover effects. When the mouse pointer is in the picture you will see a change where the images are initially visible light will turn dark. For you all who would like to try please follow these simple tips.

PHP File Functions

PHP File Functions

integer fopen (string filename, string mode)

This function is used to open the file before writing or reading the contents of the file.
For example:

Improve Commercial Websites

With the increasing number of Internet users so the more advertiser websites on the Internet. So many websites exist that can not all be visited by Internet users. Website with a little visitors often caused by website owner more often think about design and technology they created than to improve the website to other Internet users.

How to Upload to Web Server

How to Upload to Web Server

Once you register on one free server, then the last step so that the web page you can see all the people are uploading or sending files to a web server.

There are two kinds of means used to send the file to a web server, which is directly through a browser or via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). For that you need to know which method is supported by your web server. For example, use the browser to upload, use FTP while to be able to use a browser or FTP. Which will be discussed here is to send files using FTP.

Change Blogger Template

Be Careful in Changing Blogger Template

Blogs are like our homes, and of course we want the blog appears more beautiful and lovely. Many ways in which to create a blog becomes more beautiful, such as by adding knick knacks and also by changing the look / blog template. If we replace the template with a template that has been provided by bloggers then it is the easiest way, just select save it directly so. But the templates provided very little and looks are also standard, so we often find another template that is more beautiful, because now many sites provide it for free.

Static or Dynamic Site?

Difference between Static and Dynamic Site

If we analyze based on changes in the content, the website is divided into two categories:
  1. Static Website
  2. Dynamic Website
Static Website
Static website is a website whose contents are static / not changing. Static websites are just like the brochure. The difference, brochures printed and distributed, while a static Web site hosted and accessed via the Internet.

Preventing Direct Access In PHP

Preventing Direct Access In PHP Files

To prevent direct access can be used redirect method. Redirect is actually can be exploited when a user has done filling the form, then redirected to a page that contains information that the form has been filled correctly, and other information. This tutorial discusses the more about the PHP file itself. What I mean here is about accessing a PHP file directly.

Domain Name

What is Domain Name ?

Domain Name is the unique name used to identify computers on a network that is joined to the Internet.

Based on the article in wikipedia:

A domain name is an identification label to define a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in the Internet, based on the Domain Name System (DNS).

In the early Internet was developed, a system called the IP address used to give an address to each server that is incorporated into the Internet network. IP Address is a series of numbers. for example: So if Internet users want to access a data in one server, which he need to do is access the server by typing the address of the IP Address.

Choosing Website Topics

Choosing A Good Website Topic

Selecting a topic for a blog / website can be tough. Everyone seems to have a "big idea" next or look for hot topics. It is seemed so simple. Only comes with a cool idea, create blogs, sell it for millions to Yahoo or Google and you'll be rich!
Not exactly.
Although this idea has worked for a handful of people, their stories are not smooth as seems. That's why I want to emphasize that choosing a topic for your blog or website is very important. Look example of topic below :

Application To Create Blog

Application To Create Blog

How can I create a blog? What is a blog that should pay? This question often arises when someone wants to create a blog. There are several applications that can be used to create blogs, both free and paid. Well, in this section will describe some applications that can be used to create a blog for free.
Blogger ( is a blog publishing service, founded by Pyra Labs, and was acquired by Google in 2003.

Basic Concept of Making Website

Basic Concept of Making Website

Before making the web in a professional, an important task as a web developer is to provide ideas and ideas about what points will be displayed in a web page. Thus, a web developer will also need to consult with the owner of the web itself for everything that a web owner's goals can be achieved.

Success Website or Blog

The Basics Of Success Of A Website

Creating a website for those times now as easy as making a cup of coffee. We just do some simple steps then we have a website. But, do you know about the basics of making a website that should not be left?? This is sometimes difficult things that often the bloggers do not understand it. Basics step to create a website that became key to the success and the success of a website or blog.

Transfer Protocol

Transfer Protocol

Transfer Protocol is a protocol used for sending information on the Internet. In addition to HTTP, the Internet is also known for several other protocols, including:
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This protocol is designed to allow users to transfer files in text or binary format in the server computer on the Internet. Example
  • Gopher. This protocol is designed to access a gopher server. Example gopher://
  • News (Network News Transfer Protocol). Protocol to distribute news on Usenet. Usenet is a system designed as a forum for discussion based on topics called newsgroups. Example: news:comp.infosystems.www.announce.
  • Telnet. A protocol used to log into a server computer.
With these protocols, your browser can act as a client of that protocol.

Important Aspects in Web Design

Important Aspects in Web Design
There are several aspects to consider when going to create a website.

Can Be Used (usability)  
Usability is very important in web designing. It is very good if you have a dynamic website that looks professional and nice, but if it takes a very long time to download an article or use the navigation is very tricky so do not wonder if users will go away from your website and never come back again. Please note, generally the user (users) want to get information quickly, although the view is normal or simple. If too long while looking for information then the user will simply shut down the web page. Remember, do not sacrifice usability aspects in designing websites.

Navigation is also a very important thing in a website that serves to help the user (users) in exploring our website to find desired information easily. Good navigational structure reflects the excellent website.
Writing Concept
Technical writing in the web is different from writing for publication (print). Time is very important for those who use the Internet, so that Internet users will not waste time just to read the text very much at all. Research shows that users tend to examine the text in the monitor screen. In addition, it’s faster read on screen than reading on paper.

Simplicity is important in making a professional website. Simple here is not in the sense of the look of a site, but rather leads to the writing techniques.
Easily Accessible (Accessibility)  
One thing that is easily accessible to all people regardless of browser, platform, operating system, connected or broken is very key to consider when designing a website. You do not need to hinder a web user out, anyone can become a potential visitor / customer. Having an accessible website, make use of your website will often accessed by users / visitors. Easy to use = Visitors will come back. Difficult to use = Visitors will be cured.
Web strength is preferred by web users around the world (Universality).
Color Blindness
About one in eleven people may not be able to use your website relates to some color blindness format. The best, your website will not be visible to people who are color blind as you have designed. Unfortunately again, this may be illegible text, navigation is difficult to use and all other elements are hidden.

Graphic element is needed in a website, because it has several functions. But if too much use of graphics, it could be our website will cause many problems. To overcome various undesirable when designing a website, need to consider the various viewpoints in the use of graphs
New Technology
The development of the Internet is so fast to make some developers to add new technology to display the required application.
As a web developer, of course, must always follow the developments in cyberspace for when designing a web no problems arise resulting from using technologies that have expired.

How To Design A Website?

How To Design A Website? 

Lots of ways are used by some people to create websites. And in this training you will be told things that are important in the Making Web site to make it look attractive even though its form is simple. So before making a website consider the following matters:

HTML Version

Information about HTML Version 

A valid HTML document that will declare HTML used in the document.
Known as document type definition DTD (Document Type Definition).
In HTML 4.01, there are 3 DTD and every author of the document must include one of them, 3 DTD are:

HTTP Status Code

HTTP Status Code 

If you are on time to do a request to an HTTP URL address and get error messages or status messages, here are some error messages and describes their status on HTTP which is usually often you come across when doing a request to an HTTP URL address.

Automatic Logout Session

Script timer Session, Automatic Log Out

Many things happen if someone has managed to login as a user, and of course this is when the user login will utilize the services of a website, not because of other reasons, such as poor levels of security. There is always an idle period. Idle here means users do not do anything at all on the website, did not move a page, do not enter any input on the form, and nothing cause a web page refresh, in other words a user does not do anything on the website through which he was visiting. 

Padding For Exclusive Views

Padding For Exclusive Views

Padding or empty space big enough influence to a web design layout. An empty space can give prominence to the content in the empty space. In the science of visual communication, the term space called the whitespace is a space where readers can rest visual senses for a moment or "breathe" and view content in the whitespace more concentrated.


About HTML 5 

HTML 5 that are now beginning to be implemented by some grade A browser will bring more than just a feature for page layout and format. Some of them are Canvas and Video.

Browser Detection

Browser Detection

Usually when we open a web page, there is a widget that shows information about web browsers we're using to open the page, complete with its version. Can we create the widget itself? Of course they can, by using a simple Javascript code, we can display information about the browser being used. Here is the code:

Hosting Options and Types

Hosting Options and Types
Hosting options are essential in making your blog or website, hosting is the main place to accommodate traffic as well as data and plug in a buddy to use in your blog.

Best Color for Website

Choosing Colors in Web site
Color is an emotional considerations, because the color variations can cause
different emotions in each person. We all know that green is currency symbol (mercenary), but do we know also that the green is a symbol greed, envy, and jealousy? Color choices will have a direct effect of visitors on the perception of the company or the products we offer. This is complicated by the fact that the use of color on the web is now limitless: technology allows us to create millions of color combinations.

Different Browser, Different View

Web View in the browser differences
Many people ask “Why my web design is different when using Mozilla and IE? How do I get best web design that is displayed on Mozilla and Internet Explorer can be the same? What HTML validation function is?

PHP Security

PHP Security - Check Bug in PHP Script  

After finishing PHP scripts that we have made there are times when the bugs are unwanted fester on the sidelines of the script that was ready to be online. And of course this bug can be fatal so it can be used by the intruder, intruders who try to exploit the system.

PHP : Echo or Print

PHP : Using Echo or Print
When we write a program using PHP, we often use echo and print commands, but we do not know what is the effects of using echo or print. Sometimes we can be dizzy between two options, use echo or print when you want to display the contents of a variable, or just display text alert than usual as a process that has been done. Echo or Print? Echo or Print? Echo or Print? and so on ... A little confused indeed. In addition to the print and echo, PHP also provides many alternatives for the other syntax.

Simple Captcha with PHP

Simple Captcha with PHP
Captcha is an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart" (Wikipedia), and made to distinguish between machines (bots) and human.