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The Basics Of Success Of A Website

Creating a website for those times now as easy as making a cup of coffee. We just do some simple steps then we have a website. But, do you know about the basics of making a website that should not be left?? This is sometimes difficult things that often the bloggers do not understand it. Basics step to create a website that became key to the success and the success of a website or blog.

  1. Make a plan for website development that is integrated with the overall marketing process, the content must be consistent with offline materials (if you have one), the graphics / images should be web-friendly and consistent with your brand as a whole ranging from style guide, use of color, etc.
  2. Do not be crazy in design. When we create a website, try to not "crazy design" by installing graphics, banners, images etc. Excessive widget would burden your blog. There are many sites that have a small room which caused the installation of excessive graph and it deliberately drove visitors out.
  3. Note the "time of loading," how long will it take to display a website on 56 kbps modem (this is an average modem products on the market), if more than 12-18 seconds you may become the owner of a lonely website. Unless you are targeting broadband customers who open your site via ISDN, DSL or cable modem then you can build a website that combines the multimedia content which may include streaming audio or video, or also the ability of Shockwave Flash.
  4. Keep it simple - create a website with easy navigation, build a menu structure that is consistent with industry standards, local menus (for pages or categories) on the left menu and global (overall site navigation) on the top and / or the bottom of each page , keeping as much information "above the fold" (above the cutoff point at the bottom of the monitor), do not make people use horizontal scroll bars unless absolutely necessary.
  5. Embedding "digital speed" into the overall design of the site, visitors must get to the desired area of your site in one or two mouse clicks, they will quickly get frustrated if they have to click around a few menus to find the information they seek.
  6. Develop a web-based content, people do not read web site content as they did when reading the newspaper, you must create a short paragraph, not more than two to three sentences, inserted into the white space between your content, including links on your page - do not try to tell your whole life in blog or website - if you plan to get people to call you, e-mail or fill out a contact form.
  7. Make sure your site is optimized for Search Engines by identifying 8-12 keywords that people will use to find your site, then enter your keyword in your blog content (to drive relevancy with search engine spiders / bots) and then look for links to your site. An estimated 70% of all traffic to websites comes through search engines. If you want to attract many visitors, this is an important step you must do.
  8. Investigate into your server log files to find the "digital tracks" that must be made through your website / blog - log files are raw data that show how and where (in most cases) people accessing your website or blog, where they go from your blog, how long they stay, etc.. There are many websites that can achieve these goals such as Google Webmaster or Alexa.
  9. Think globally in the design of our site as a whole - the largest Internet growth is occurring around the world, so it is important to build a blog or website that can be easily accessed by people all over the world. 

Things that needs to be remembered? loading website is very important, to develop content that avoids colloquialisms that may not be understood by others who may speak in different style. There is no language difficulties will occur if you might want to create a website with content sites available in different languages.


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