Important Aspects in Web Design

Important Aspects in Web Design
There are several aspects to consider when going to create a website.

Can Be Used (usability)  
Usability is very important in web designing. It is very good if you have a dynamic website that looks professional and nice, but if it takes a very long time to download an article or use the navigation is very tricky so do not wonder if users will go away from your website and never come back again. Please note, generally the user (users) want to get information quickly, although the view is normal or simple. If too long while looking for information then the user will simply shut down the web page. Remember, do not sacrifice usability aspects in designing websites.

Navigation is also a very important thing in a website that serves to help the user (users) in exploring our website to find desired information easily. Good navigational structure reflects the excellent website.
Writing Concept
Technical writing in the web is different from writing for publication (print). Time is very important for those who use the Internet, so that Internet users will not waste time just to read the text very much at all. Research shows that users tend to examine the text in the monitor screen. In addition, it’s faster read on screen than reading on paper.

Simplicity is important in making a professional website. Simple here is not in the sense of the look of a site, but rather leads to the writing techniques.
Easily Accessible (Accessibility)  
One thing that is easily accessible to all people regardless of browser, platform, operating system, connected or broken is very key to consider when designing a website. You do not need to hinder a web user out, anyone can become a potential visitor / customer. Having an accessible website, make use of your website will often accessed by users / visitors. Easy to use = Visitors will come back. Difficult to use = Visitors will be cured.
Web strength is preferred by web users around the world (Universality).
Color Blindness
About one in eleven people may not be able to use your website relates to some color blindness format. The best, your website will not be visible to people who are color blind as you have designed. Unfortunately again, this may be illegible text, navigation is difficult to use and all other elements are hidden.

Graphic element is needed in a website, because it has several functions. But if too much use of graphics, it could be our website will cause many problems. To overcome various undesirable when designing a website, need to consider the various viewpoints in the use of graphs
New Technology
The development of the Internet is so fast to make some developers to add new technology to display the required application.
As a web developer, of course, must always follow the developments in cyberspace for when designing a web no problems arise resulting from using technologies that have expired.


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