Padding For Exclusive Views

Padding For Exclusive Views

Padding or empty space big enough influence to a web design layout. An empty space can give prominence to the content in the empty space. In the science of visual communication, the term space called the whitespace is a space where readers can rest visual senses for a moment or "breathe" and view content in the whitespace more concentrated.

An analogy that is most like is when we are in a room crowded with the goods. We're going to feel oppressed, cramped, and uncomfortable. It would be very different feel if the goods are arranged neatly, not too crowded, and the like - though we still can breathe with relief in it.
Examples of the use of padding can be seen below:

Padding in the world of visual communication called whitespace function is to focus the eyes of the reader in writing within those spaces. Its use is, of course, for text or graphics you want highlighted to the reader.
In conclusion, the granting of padding or a blank space is not a waste of space, but instead be able to make a website appear exclusively and the message can be displayed with more prominence.


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