What Is Blog?

What Is Blog?

is short for Weblog, a term first used by Jorn Barger in December 1997. Jorn Barger use the term to describe a group Weblog personal website is always updated continuously and contains links to other websites that they find interesting along with the comments of their own.

Blog then developed to find the form in accordance with the wishes of the author or the blogger. Blog which was originally a person's “track record” on the Internet, which links to websites visited and considered attractive, then became much more interesting than a list of links. This is because the Blogger usually also do not forget to fasten their “smart” comments and even express their sarcasm on the link they make.

From the comments were usually blog then becomes a window that allows us to “peek” the contents of the head and the daily life of its creator. Blogs are an easy way to get to know someone's personality Blogger. The topics of what she likes and she did not like, what did he think of the links that he chose, what the response on an issue. Usually depicted entirely clear from his blog. Because it is a very personal blog.

Roger Yim, a columnist for the San Francisco Gate article in February 2001, wrote that a Blog is a cross between one's diary and a list of links on the Internet. While Scott Rosenberg in his column in the online magazine Salon in May 1999 concludes that the blog is in the restriction site that is more lifeless than just a collection of links but less introspection than just a diary that is stored on the internet.

Other developments from the blog that is when then blog even no longer contain the links but just be writing about what a blogger think, feel, to what he does everyday. Then also be an online diary located on the internet. The only thing that distinguishes blog of diary or journal that we usually have is that the blog created to read others. The Bloggers with deliberately designing his blog and its contents to be enjoyed by others.

Most likely the first blog page What's New on the Mosaic browser made by Marc Andersen in 1993. Then in January 1994 Justin Hall started his personal Web site Justin's Home Page which later turned into Links from the Underground which may be called as the first blog as we know it today.

Until in 1998, the number of Blogs that is out there is not so much. This is because the time required to expertise and specialized knowledge of website creation, HTML, and web hosting to create a blog, so that only those who are involved in the Internet, System Administrator or Web Designer who later in his spare time creating a blog-blog of their own.
In August 1999 a Silicon Valley company called Pyra Labs launched its Blogger.com service which allows anyone with basic knowledge of HTML to create his own blog online and free. Although before that (July 1999) making blog online service that Pitas and the games have been there and have created Blogger to grow to hundreds, but the number of blog never grow much in such a way to Blogger.com appears in the world of the blog's.

Blogger.com itself now has up to 100,000 Bloggers who use their services with growth of around 20% per month. Blogger.com and Pitas certainly not alone, creator of the blog online services provided also by Grouksoup, Edit this Page and also Velocinews.

Thousands Blog then appeared and each choose a different topic, starting from how to be good parents, hobbies watching movies, political topics, health, sex, sports, comic books and everything else. Even Blogger is blog about weird stuff sold on Ebay auction site called.

Cameron Barrett wrote on his blog an essay titled “Anatomy of a Weblog” which explains the theme of the Blog. Blogs are often highly focused on a unique subject that is a basic topic and / or a concept that brings together the themes of the blog. Simply put the topic of a blog is the blogger's territory it without any editors or bosses to intervene, as crazy as any theme can usually be found in line with the increasing emergence of Blogs on the Internet. And yes, the idea was unthinkable, even now that Blogger has made a blog from Blog, and even Blog from Blog of Blogs.


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