What is Blogroll?
Blogroll or Link Exchange also called link exchange between your blog or website is to store the link addresses of others on the blog / website belong to us. 

What are the benefits of the blogroll?  
Perhaps a glimpse of my friend think that to put the link address belongs to someone else in your blog / website belongs to us will be harmful, because with it, of course, we give way to the visitors to leave our blog. 

The reason it may be true, but not completely true. With the blogroll a lot of benefit we get, among others, which tighten the friendship or kinship between the owner of the blog / website. Other than that we are more and more blogs linked to by other blogs, the better the ranking position of our blog on Search Engines such Google, Yahoo, MSN and friends. Of course we both know that every owner of the blog / website wish that the blog / website has his good rankings on search engines. So do not be stingy to give link exchange, because if we are stingy give a link of course nobody would want to place a link addresses belong to us on their blog.

Stay Beautiful by Minimalist Web Design

Web design can be interpreted as a minimalist web design that is simple, not too many colors, and easy navigation. Minimalist web tend to be favored because these are usually easy to understand and easily accessible. As discussed in previous articles, websites that have too many elements and links can make the user confused, especially if the users are not too familiar with Internet world, and is certainly very disturbing comfort.