The Story Behind CSS

The Story Behind CSS 
CSS works as a complement to HTML. If you're new to learn HTML, then try to learn CSS as well. And you will be surprised with the results ..!
CSS allows web developers to separate the HTML from the rules for forming the look of a website. But sometimes, many people are just learning HTML, underestimate the power and flexibility of a CSS.
So what's the style sheet (CSS) it really? what purpose exactly? and how do you use?
Creating Fixed Top or Bottom Bar with CSS
Surely you often visit multiple news websites. And often some of the web is having a banner / ad placed on top of the page, or at the bottom of the page, but if you scroll your mouse, drag the page up or down but the ads still appear. 

Website Property

Tips for Web Design : Website Property

Do web developers understand how long people will visit the website?
Whether we are an internet newbie or experienced marketer, we need to understand the best thing about the website, design a part that is related to successful convenience.
Here are tips for success of a web:

CSS Reset

Web Design Tips: Using CSS Reset 
This tutorial will discuss about Web Design Tips. It has become common knowledge that if each Internet browser has its own innate style, as for example the default margin or padding by default in Internet Explorer that have different values with Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, another example, the default unordered list of Internet Explorer has a different style with the style on Firefox.

Designing Web Navigation

Designing Web Navigation Tips

Navigation on a website that displayed in the menus and links are the instructions for visitors to the pages contained in the website. Visitors will easily find the pages in your website if the menu and links appeared in a structured way.

Closer About Website

Closer About Website 
Website is a page of information provided via the Internet that can be accessed around the world for the network connected to the Internet. Website is a collection of component or components are composed of text, images, sound, animation that is more of a media information of interest to visit.

Failed in Blogging

Causes You Failed In Blogging
Perhaps you have depression in a live blogging event, whether you since no traffic or anything that is produced. Almost every blogger must have experienced it, some of which there are successful, and most do not achieve what they want.

What is Blogging?

Why are you Blogging?
Maybe that question should be answered to evaluate our blogging activities so far. In general, people respond just a hobby or answer most is to get money. Yes, that's the average answer may be different for you.

Blog Tutorial

Blog Tutorial

Currently making a website is not a difficult thing. Blogs can be one alternatively, if you want to create a website. With blogs you can create a simple website to your liking with easy and free.
What is a blog? Here are some definitions about the blog:

Column Style with CSS

Creating Column CSS Layout

Making the column can be done by determining the margin on each element that can be used. Suppose use HTML tags <p> and the number of columns that made as many as three columns like the following script.

Wavy Text

Wavy Text

You can make wavy text effect with CSS. This is very simple way to make different style in your website.
Create a script as below. You will get text effect like image above.

Text Glow Effect

Text Glow Effect

By combining CSS with function filter: glow to create a glow effect. You do not believe? Please try the following script:

No Right Click

JavaScript Prevent Right Click

Add the following javascript code between the tags <head> and </ head> of your web page to disable right click. As an example see here.

Color Scrollbar

Changing the color on the scrollbar CSS

You are diligent surfing'll often come across a web page with color scrollbars colorful. If on this page are colored turquoise scrollbar (see the scrollbar on the right). Maybe you are confused, how to load the scrollbar like that?

Back and Forward Button

Creating Back and Forward with java script

On a web page we often see links navigation such as Back to return to the previous page and Forward to go to the page we've ever opened before.

You can create navigation links by using java script like the example below.

<a href="javascript:history.back(1)"> Back </ a>
<a href="javascript:history.forward(1)"> Forward </ a>

JavaScript Browser Vibration

JavaScript Browser Vibration

Want to make a surprise on your web visitors? Make the following HTML file. In this script there is javascript that works to make your website visitor's browser to vibrate.

CSS Shaded Text

Shaded Text Effect with CSS
You can create your own shaded text effects. Make a script like the following:

Calling JavaScript Functions

Calling JavaScript Functions
To execute a function, we simply call upon the name of the function followed by an opening parenthesis, arguments (if any) and on the lid with a closing parenthesis.

JavaScript Functions

JavaScript Functions

Function is a subprogram that allows us to run a group of instructions with a simple call to the function name of one or several parts in the body of a program. Subprogram form we call this function is very commonly used in many programming languages (of course with a slightly different way with each other). On the other way a function, also can call itself, is what we call the function recursively (but do not forget to put a special condition that the function can be stopped, if not endanger the sustainability of global programs).

PHP Array Sorting

PHP Array Sorting

The values contained in the array can be sorted, for numeric values are sorted from lowest to highest value while for the string will be ranked from a to z. To sort the values used sort() function with the terms of the array elements are integers, for the array with string element can be used asort() function.

Dropcap With CSS

How Make CSS Dropcap
Looks pretty, it certainly can be done. In a word processor we can make the first letter in a paragraph to be great or referred to as Dropcap. How about in web? Try the following script.

Create the following script in the HTML document.

Speed up Blogs Loading

Have ever opened a website or blog and you have to wait so long so the page opened 100%?. You can wait or you can left the page. If you can are patient and wait, I’m sure you will see the page contains a lot of components and widget.

Many SEO experts said that loading time is the first important factor of successful website or blog. So, how can I speed up my blog loading time? Here are some tips to speed your blog:

JavaScript Event

JavaScript Event
Event is the action of the user who can produce interactivity, in fact events in JavaScript is a click of a mouse button (the only one action that can be set by the HTML). JavaScript allows to associate the event with some functions of methods such as passage of the mouse pointer over a particular zone, change the value, and so forth.

Text Image Background

CSS Tips : Text with Image Background

In addition to color can also be used as a background image of a text. The trick simply by changing the background color property on the style-image CSS. Script as follows.

Bookmark With Link

How Make Bookmark with Link

You'll often find links like "Bookmark this site", which if we click the link it will directly go into the Favorites. By entering the site to your Favorites, then we no longer need to bother typing in the site name in Address Bar, but simply by clicking a website listed in your Favorites list.

To create a bookmark link, enter the following code between the tags <HEAD> and </ HEAD> on your web page:

Link Without Underline

CSS Links Without Lines 
If using the links with HTML standards, most forms have a line link below. Now what if the link without bottom line. Here is the code to make link without underline :

HTML Characters Entities

Character entity

Some characters have special meaning in HTML, such as less than sign (<) that defines the beginning of an HTML tag. If we want the browser to display a smaller sign that (<), we must insert character entities in our HTML code.

Entities character has 3 components: an ampersand sign (&), entity name or a # followed by the number of entities and end with a semicolon (;).

To display a smaller sign in our HTML pages, then we must write: &lt; or <
The advantage of using a name than a number is that the name is easier to remember. The drawback is that not all browsers support the names of the new entity, however, almost all browsers support the entity name standard.
Note: The entity is case sensitive.

Spaces sequence

Character entities that may be most often you use is the space.
HTML will eliminate the spaces in your HTML text. If you write 10 spaces in your HTML code, the HTML will remove nine spaces. Now, to add space in your HTML document, use the character entities &nbsp;.

Some character entities that are often used:

  Space &nbsp;
< Less than &lt;
> More than &gt;
” Quotation marks &quot;
’ Single Quote &apos; (it doesn’t work on IE)
& Ampersand &amp;

Here's an example to clarify what is meant by character entities.
The case is very simple really. We're already know, if it uses the name HTML tag, right? One example is the tag <b> </ b> for bold letters.

Now imagine if one day you are asked to write a tutorial about HTML and the chance to write about HTML tags that serve to make letters bold. Say you want the following lines appear in your tutorial (note, you want to tag <b> and </ b> appear in that line.)

To thicken the letters as word of this thick, you need a tag <b> and </ b>

Well, think about it, how to write this simple line without character entities. Can not you? For example, you write like this:
To thicken the letters as word <b> bold </b> of this, you need a tag <b> and </b>

What happened? The browser will display the following sentence:
To thicken the letters as word of this thick, you need a tag and

What's the difference? Yes ... tag <b> and </ b> does not appear, instead, the word and will appear in bold.
To create a tag for <b> and </ b> to appear, you need character entities, so you must write the HTML code to be like this:
To thicken the letters as word <b> bold </b> of this, you need a tag &lt;b&gt; dan &lt;/b&gt;

Note, a < replaced with character entities &lt;, while the sign > I replaced with &gt;.
Other question is, How is the way of showing &gt; so it doesn’t appear >.
We can use &amp; in front of it to escape the & so that you can write like this &amp; &gt; (without space between &amp; and &gt;).

Hopefully this example can increase your understanding of what is meant by this character entities in HTML.

HTML Link Title

Showing title on the link
Do you already know the attribute "title" on the A HREF tag? Attribute "title" is used to display information on a link. Example:

<a href="" title="HTML Tutorial and Tips, make your own website..."> Top HTML Tutorial </ a>

If the mouse cursor is directed to the link will display the description "HTML Tutorial and Tips, make your own website..."

For example, point your mouse over the link below :

CSS Border Size Tips

Border Size
In addition to style and color, border size can also be created differently on each side. This will make your table look so different with others. Script as follows.