Application To Create Blog

Application To Create Blog

How can I create a blog? What is a blog that should pay? This question often arises when someone wants to create a blog. There are several applications that can be used to create blogs, both free and paid. Well, in this section will describe some applications that can be used to create a blog for free.
Blogger ( is a blog publishing service, founded by Pyra Labs, and was acquired by Google in 2003.

  • Blogger offers support for multi-author blog, which lets users create a blog for the group (group blog).
  • Blogger supports Google's AdSense service as a way for blog owners to monetize their blog.
  • Blogger template conversion feature, which allows users to change the blog template design according to their wishes.
  • Remember that, when registering the provider of this blog, your blog address will change to, for example: The name of the blog will be placed at the beginning of the mark as a sub domain.

Blogsome ( is a hosting blog that uses WordPress as a blog engine. Actually there's more other hosting that provides a WordPress blog engine such as Blogthing, but until now somehow still a lot of some colleagues use as a personal blog hosting.
Multiply ( is a social networking site with features that enable people to mutually share some media, like photos, videos, and blogs. provide blog services. Blogs that post to can be automatically forwarded to your LiveJournal, Blogger or TypePad. It is also possible to post via e-mail or MMS. Users can also comment on a movie or book, or also to share the event on the calendar.

WordPress ( is a blog software written in PHP and supports MySQL database system. WordPress is the official successor of b2cafelog developed by Michel Valdrighi. The name WordPress was proposed by Christine Selleck, a friend of the chairman of the developer, Matt Mullenweg. The latest release of WordPress is version 2.7. WordPress is distributed with GNU General Public License.
By looking at some of the applications mentioned above, you can choose one as you wish. Choose the best that have more features, the display theme quite varied, comprehensive facility to manage the articles in the form of text, images, audio, and video


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