Internet and Web Introduction

Understanding the Internet
Internet derived from the word Interconnection Networking that is meaningful relationships with various types of computers that make a network system that covers the entire world (global computer network) by means of telecommunications such as telephone lines, radio links, satellite and others.
In a set of integration and computer network communication protocol that is used in TCP / IP. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) in charge of ensuring that all links are working properly, while the IP (Internet Protocol) which transmits data from one computer to another. 
TPC / IP in general serves to choose the best route of transmission of data, choosing an alternative route if a route can not be in use, manage and transmit packets of data transmission.
To be able to participate using the Internet, you usually have to subscribe to an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that exist in your city. ISP is commonly called the Internet Service Provider or
By utilizing the Internet, the use of computers around the world it is possible to communicate with each other and sharing information with each other how to send e-mail, connect to another computer, send and receive files, discuss certain topics on the newsgroup and others.
Internet Facilities

Facility-The facility that you can take advantage by using the Internet, including:
  • Web, hypertext is a facility to display the data in the form of text, images, sound, animation and other multimedia data, that among these data relate to each other. To help you read the data and information you can use web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera. Netscape, etc.
  • E-Mail (Electronic Mail), with this facility, you can send and receive electronic mail (e-mail) to / from other computer users who connect on the internet, and can include a file as an attachment (attachment).
  • Newsgroups, this facility is used to distribute articles, news, comments, letters, offers or files to other Internet users joined with a group discussion on particular topics. With this facility you can also conduct discussions, seminars or conferences by electronic means without being tied to time, space and place.
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol), this facility is used to connect to a specific computer server and if necessary copy (download) the files you need from that server and store it on your computer.

Frequently Used Terms 
There are several terms frequently used when you work in the Internet, such as:
  • WWW (World Wide Web), is a collection of web servers around the world who work to provide data and information to be shared. Various information can be found on the WWW, such as information on political, economic, social, culture, literature, history, technology, education and so forth. We can suppose that the WWW is a big library, which provide the required information.
  • Web Site, a data storage and information based on a particular topic. Likened this Web site is a book that contains a particular topic.
  • Web Pages, is a special page from certain Web sites. 
  • Homepage, a cover page containing the table of contents or menu of a Web site.
  • Browser, an application program that is used to facilitate you to navigate the various data and information on the WWW.


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