Improve Commercial Websites

With the increasing number of Internet users so the more advertiser websites on the Internet. So many websites exist that can not all be visited by Internet users. Website with a little visitors often caused by website owner more often think about design and technology they created than to improve the website to other Internet users.

In general, the process of making a good website is the presence of co-operation of mutual support between the 3 elements. That designer, programmer and marketer / administrator.

Designer is a person who can convey the image of a business or someone in the form of graphics / images or animations. This is a representative graphical feel of website owners as a whole. So a designer must be able to translate what the desired website owners (from interviews or written) into a visual form.

Programmer is the person who responsible in running the programs that exist in this web site, for example guestbook, counters, application form, the reservation and so forth. The composition of the web that was created by designers conducted properly by the programmer. So the designers and programmers can be considered as a group / production team.

Marketers are required for filling vacancies which can not be done either by the designer and programmer.
For a designer, because he is a background in art, much to "talk" in a visual form, while the programmer as a more technical background to his "talk" in programs language are difficult to understand.

It takes someone who mastered "Popular Language" in universal language, English, to provide information to the Netter in the world with easily understood language. One thing that is often overlooked by web site owners are: the speed of response to an incoming email or a response. Often the Web site visitors to send email or fill out the guestbook but did not receive a response from the owners. Or if there is response but it is old / late. This should be corrected by the owner of the web site.

Speed of response is absolutely necessary if we do business on the web.

Standard Activity that must be made by marketers is:

  • Registering a web site on all search engines that exist,
  • Follow the mailing lists associated with the product,
  • Active in the newsgroups and reply to every incoming email and
  • Reply to responses from the guestbook of visitors.

Humans are social creatures and it is natural that can not be denied. Man can not live alone, therefore a website that is man-made can not even stand on its own. The willingness to establish co-operation with other web sites will be needed in the success of a web site. By placing banners on other web sites which are larger and more visitors and can be linked to the web site will really help increase the number of visitors to your web site.


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