Hosting Options and Types

Hosting Options and Types
Hosting options are essential in making your blog or website, hosting is the main place to accommodate traffic as well as data and plug in a buddy to use in your blog.

Hosting is very important if my friend wants to build long-term blog and also to build a serious online business. If your hosting has low quality, well do not expect to online continues, because of prolonged downtime could bring visitors who come to your site to the "404 error page" or even a "website not found" page.
So how good hosting for blogs? Before answering all of that let us do the research first.
Hosting is divided into 3 :
  1. Pre-hosted blog
  2. Free hosting
  3. Paid hosting

Pre-Hosted Blog  
This is what we usually use when we use services like or usually pre-hosted blog is quite nice, reliable and unlimited (bandwidth) really good if my friend would just pouring my blogging for a hobby or create a vent, or create dumy blogs, and sometimes also can be used for promotional goods from or from another affiliate, but thisy hosting type has a weakness we really have no control over our hosting, sometimes such traffic is already high may be banned without reason or sometimes banned because it promotes something. For example if you seriously looks for dollars on the internet you should not try this hosting to the main website.
Free Hosting  
Free hosting is already pretty good, we have very little control of the cpanel, we can upload our files and now there are so many free hosting providers that provide space and bandwidth above 100 giga !!!!. But the it has same fate like Pre-Hosted Blog. Many of these free hosting with a pretty severe downtime, often get banned for no apparent reason, although we sometimes can ask recovery, but certainly it’s not easy way anf lost a lot of content, and also there are some scripts can not be run on the free-hosting this.
Paid hosting  
Well here it is our champion, paid the hosting by paying their own hosting we have the full right to our own cpanel, control domain and hosting for a comprehensive and do not violate the TOS (usually concerning the problem of pornography and pirated goods), we do not will be banned. And today there are many cheap hostings, usually just a 5 MB bandwidth capacity, for example, if you want to build a website profile, you may try this hosting type. But be careful, sometimes when hosting with very cheap cost, the service is not maximum, always review your hosting provider is that my friend chose.


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