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Be Careful in Changing Blogger Template

Blogs are like our homes, and of course we want the blog appears more beautiful and lovely. Many ways in which to create a blog becomes more beautiful, such as by adding knick knacks and also by changing the look / blog template. If we replace the template with a template that has been provided by bloggers then it is the easiest way, just select save it directly so. But the templates provided very little and looks are also standard, so we often find another template that is more beautiful, because now many sites provide it for free.

But if we change their template with another template provided by other bloggers, then it's not as easy as using a template provided by bloggers, because there are few side effects, among which you will lose your elements or blog even be damaged. The following will be described any kind of things that must be considered if you would like to replace the template with other services.

First, you have to backup the first tempalte you if you do not succeed the new template. Go to "Layout -> Edit HTML", then click the link labeled "Download Full Template" continue to save the given file.

Second thing you must do is backing up the elements or widgets that you've installed. Go to "Page Element" menu, there a lot of elements that you've put it underneath then there is a "edit" link, click on the links one by one, copy the contents of that element and put it in your text editor i.e. Notepad. Later, if you have changed with new template and want to install these elements, just copy from Notepad and paste on the "add page elements".

Third, if you have backed up the templates and elements, the next step is to upload the template you've downloaded. Usually the template file you have downloaded has "xml" extension, but sometimes there is also "zip or rar" extension, so you have to extract them first, so that you will get a file with "xml" extension. Here is how to upload, back to the "Edit HTML" menu, then there it is the "Browse" button, click the button and search for the new template file which you have downloaded, then click the “Upload" button. Click the "Confirm & Save" button.

Fourth, try to preview your new blog you appearance. If you find there is a previous header image you use and still appears in your new template and its position does not seem to fit, then you must first remove the header image, back into the "Page Elements", find header section then try to edit and delete your image. If in the header there is no "edit" link, you have to replace the template with the templates provided by blogger and return to the "Page Elements" then edit header section and remove the header image then install new template.

Fifth, Restore elements that you have backed up before so now you have new templates with all your elements you had before.


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