CSS Border Color Tips

Border Color with CSS
In addition to the berdeda border, border can also be made with different colors. Add some syntax in the first script as shown in script below.

CSS Border Tips

CSS Border Tutorials
One of the capabilities of the CSS is able to create the Border that can be used to further beautify the look of the website. With the Border a designer can provide guides on each element, such as images, text, paragraphs and so on, so no need to use the help of many tables to serve as guides for each element.

PHP String Manipulation 2


chr ()

chr () function is used to translate the ASCII code. For example:
echo (chr (34); / / Will produce the sign "

PHP String Manipulation 1


In PHP there are some functions that can be used to manipulate strings for example, to replace certain characters, remove spaces, and others. The following are the functions that are used in PHP to manipulate strings.

JavaScript Parameters

Parameters of JavaScript Function

We can pass a parameter in a function, in the sense we give the value or variable name so that the function can be executed based on these parameters. At the moment we pass some parameters into the function, these parameters are separated by a comma, either at the time of declaration or at the time of the call.

See the example below: we will create a JavaScript program that displays a dialog box:

CSS Text Background

CSS Text Tips

Creating Text with CSS Background
What can you do with text is to beautify the text with the background color of the text. You do this by providing the background-color syntax.
<body> <h1 style="color:#FFFFFF"> <span style="background-color: #006699"> HTML Tips</ span> </ h1> </ body>

PHP File Operation


To open / access the files in PHP you can use fopen (). The function fopen () can access files from the file system, or via HTTP or FTP on the Internet.
The syntax is:
 fopen (filename, access mode);

PHP Function

How to make function in PHP

Function or a number of statements that are packed in a name. This name can then be called multiple times in several places in the program.
The purpose of the use of the function is:
  • Facilitate in developing programs
  • Reduce the size of the program
To create a function, must follow the syntax as follows:


PHP For Repetition

As with other programming languages, PHP also provides the facility to perform repetition. One way is to use a For. Write this example below :

PHP Boolean

PHP Boolean Values

Boolean values are typically used in program control structures, such as if or If-Else. There are several conditions must be in use Boolean values, namely :

PHP While

While Repetition in PHP

In addition to the For ', we also can do the loop by using a While.
Here is an example how to use while in PHP :

PHP Switch

PHP Switch Statement

Switch statement is used to compare conditions with different values.
$age = 2;
switch ($age) {
       case 1:
             echo "The baby was still very small";
       case 2:
             echo "The baby was already very lively";
       case 3:
             echo "The boy was already apparent intelligence";
       case 4:
             echo "The boy was very happy to enter kindergarten";

HTML Font Color

HTML Font Color

Syntax of HTML Font Color :

<font color="red"> ... </ font>

COLOR attributes you can use to set the font color. There are 2 ways to give color to the color attribute. The first way by specifying a color that you want to use such as: red, blue, yellow, etc.. The second way to use RGB values in hexadecimal, for example # 00FA0B.

PHP IF and IF-Else

PHP IF and IF-Else
IF StatemenetIF is used to check whether a condition in if met, if yes, an operation performed, consider the example below:
$ name = 'castle';
if ($ name == 'castle') {
       echo "My home is $name";

PHP Object Data Type

Object Data Type

Object is a data type that can be either a number, variable even a function. Objects created with the intent to assist programmers who are familiar with OOP (Object Oriented Programming), although the facilities provided OOP PHP is still very limited.
Consider the example below object.php:

PHP Array

PHP Array

Array is a type of structured data that is useful to store some of the same type of data. Parts that make up the array called array elements, each element can be accessed separately through the array index.

One-Dimensional Array
$country[0] = "England";
$country[1] = "France";
$country[2] = "United States";
$country[3] = "Japan";

print ("I live in $country [2]");

PHP Operator


The operator is useful to perform an operation on a value. Operators in PHP is very common so it is easy to understand. Here we will discuss the service that is often used.

Arithmetic Operators
$ x + $ y; / / for the summation
$ x - $ y; / / for the reduction
$ x * $ y; / / for multiplication
$ x / $ y; / / for division
$ x% $ y; / / for the rest of the results for (modulus)

PHP Data Types

PHP Data Types

PHP recognize three kinds of data types, namely:
  1. Integer
  2. Floating point number
  3. String

Included in this data type is an integer (not use commas.) For example:

PHP Basic Syntax

Basic Syntax of PHP

There are four different ways of writing PHP code, namely:
  1. <? echo ("This is a PHP script \n"); ?>
  2. <?php echo("This is too\n"); ?>
  3. <script language="php"> echo ("use this if your html editor do not recognize the PHP"); </script>
  4. <% echo ("This is similar to the ASP"); %>

PHP Requirements

PHP Requirements

To be able to run, PHP requires web server, which is responsible for processing the php files and send the results of processing to be displayed in the browser client. Therefore, including server-side PHP scripting (the script that is processed on the server side). Web server software itself is installed on a local computer or another computer in the intranet / internet whose function is to serve web requests from clients. Web server is the most widely used today for PHP is the "Apache" (www.apache.org). In addition to Apache, PHP binary also requires PHP (www.php.net), which can be configured as an Apache module or as CGI application. For data storage medium (database server), PHP used to use "MySQL" (www.mysql.com).


PHP and HTML Relations

This web page is usually composed of html codes stored in a .html extension file. HTML file is sent by the server (or files) to the browser, then browsers translate the codes so that it produces a beautiful appearance. It is different with PHP program, this program must be translated by the web server so that the html code that is sent to the browser to display. This program can stand alone or inserted between html code so that it can directly displayed along with the html code. PHP program can be added by putting the program among <? and ?>. The signs are usually called the sign for escaping from html code. HTML files that was inserted by PHP program must be saved with the extension .php or .php3.

PHP Introduction

What is PHP?

What is PHP? Maybe it's a question that is on the minds of colleagues when he heard the word PHP.
PHP is an acronym for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor", is a scripting language built-in HTML. Most of the syntax similar to C language, Java and Perl, plus some specific PHP functions. The main purpose of this language is to allow web designers to write dynamic web pages quickly.

JavaScript Break Instruction

JavaScript Break Instruction

We can force the loop stops before it’s time for reasons that definite at the beginning of the loop. Break instruction allows to stop a loop (either for the for or while loop). How to use is such as continue instructions, namely the addition of conditional structure in order to stop the loop.

JavaScript Continue

JavaScript Continue Instructions
There are things which should be noticed also, there are times we need to jump on one or more specific values in the loop without stopping the loop itself.
The syntax used here is to continue, and it’s placed in the loop itself, in general we also add conditional structure as a condition so that the syntax is going well.

Javascript For Instructions

Javascript For Instructions
Before talking about the instructions, we talked first about the Loop. Loop is the structure of instructions that can be executed repeatedly as long as the required condition not being met. The most common way of doing loop is to add timer / counter variable (variable increases one unit of value during a one-time loop instructions executed (increment)), Loop will stop if the variable counter has passed the certain value which is used as boundary conditions.

Javascript While Instructions

Javascript While Instructions
While instruction is one of alternative way to run a set of instructions, it is like For instructions as well ..

The syntax of this instruction is as follows:

Web Design Strategy

Successful Web Design Strategy
Design experts say "Webdesign Is not art". Why is that? Because the work is a compilation of various results of the expertise and the combination of images and layouts. Unity of all these elements not only produces a pleasant aesthetics but also to establish an interactive communication and also the facilities easy to access web content.

JavaScript Switch Instructions

JavaScript Switch Instructions

This instruction allows us to test various values of the same variable.
In this way we can do test of various simpler variable value than using if instructions.

What Is Blog?

What Is Blog?

is short for Weblog, a term first used by Jorn Barger in December 1997. Jorn Barger use the term to describe a group Weblog personal website is always updated continuously and contains links to other websites that they find interesting along with the comments of their own.

JavaScript If Instructions

JavaScript If and If Else Instructions

IF Instruction

The most basic instruction, we can find these instructions in almost every programming language (perhaps with slightly different syntax). This instruction allows us to execute a block of instruction if the condition of the conditions are met.
The syntax of this instruction is as follows:

HTML Frame Creation

Creating an HTML Frame
Frame is used to divide web pages into sections. Distribution of this page is intended for the web page becomes more interesting and attractive. Here is a simple example of the implementation of the manufacture of frames in web pages:

JavaScript Variable

Working with variables in JavaScript functions
The logic at the time we finished manipulating the variables in the function, and then we get out of the function, then the variable value will be returned to the original value, although we have to change in the function.

JavaScript Operator Priority

JavaScript Operator Priority  
When we involve many operators in one operation, the navigator must know the sequence where the surgery is done on a priority basis from the service.

Here is a table of priority of all operators :

Link Style With CSS

Color and Background Link

can also be replaced colors and background. Now we will create links with black and when the mouse goes to the link, link text color will change to red and black background. Make the script as follows.

JavaScript Table

Introduction to Tables

The variables in JavaScript can only store one data at a time. The existence of a very great tendency to manipulate large amounts of data in one variable to make the concept of variable will not be enough to meet that need. To overcome this, JavaScript is presenting a solution that allows data structures to save a group of data in a special variable called: Table.
Table, in JavaScript is a variable that can contain many independent data, with the index based on the serial number, with this index also allows us to access data stored in certain locations.