Different Browser, Different View

Web View in the browser differences
Many people ask “Why my web design is different when using Mozilla and IE? How do I get best web design that is displayed on Mozilla and Internet Explorer can be the same? What HTML validation function is?
Validate HTML is not new anymore, since it was first issued by the W3C. Standardization of HTML documents have been issued and approved since January 2000. Solution is returned to standard HTML. HTML document is valid (following the rules) according to the W3C will be shown together on a variety of browsers, both Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
Standardization is applied by the W3C now often called by XHTML, not HTML anymore. XHTML is an advanced version of HTML. This means that XHTML is HTML document that has followed the rules of the W3C standards. XHTML stands for eXtensible HTML, XHTML is so clean version of HTML.
If you've had to learn HTML, you will easily recognize XHTML. There are several important points that distinguish (or more appropriately called the repairs) from the HTML:
  • Tags must be written with small letters
  • Each attribute value must be in quotes (quote)
  • All tags must be closed (begin and end)
  • Attributes are normally written only a single, still must be given a value (value)
The difference is only a little, but it all affects the validation process which will affect the display in each browser. Browsers such as IE or Firefox has its own model of parsing the HTML code, and this parsing model based on standardization work established by the W3C.
If you experience a difference view in the browser, to minimize the occurrence of such differences, there are a few tips that may help:
  1. Try to use standard XHTML in HTML coding. To perform HTML validation check you can visit: http://validator.w3.org/.
  2. Try to use CSS code to design HTML, because it is more acceptable in all browsers. To perform the CSS validation check you can visit: http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/
  3. When designing your web page, try to use popular browsers most used by Internet users, for example: IE, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.
  4. If using Dreamweaver there is a tool to convert to XHTML, quite helpful even though there are weaknesses in some cases.


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