About HTML 5 

HTML 5 that are now beginning to be implemented by some grade A browser will bring more than just a feature for page layout and format. Some of them are Canvas and Video.
In the past, to be able to provide interaction draw on a web page we should use Java applets or Flash. HTML 5 will provide an additional option: canvas. As the name suggests, canvas is the medium-streak could be edited directly. No longer need to load special plugin. Simply add javascript <canvas> and then we can draw directly on web pages. Now you can imagine your own, about what people do with <canvas>. What was previously a monopoly of Flash and Java applets will be a take-over by <canvas>.

Video and Audio 
There will be <audio> and <video> tags in HTML 5. So no need to attach the flash to just play the audio. Supported video formats will vary with the browser, most likely codecnya is Ogg Theora (patent free) and H.264. It seems until now the codec still a controversy.

Local Storage 
Remember the Google Gears? Now that storage to be accommodated as a standard browser in HTML 5. Applications can store data in greater numbers than usual without having to implement trick with cookies or Flash. Surely this is good news for web application developers. May enhance the performance of applications using the storage as a local cache.

Web Workers 
This one also had the chance we enjoy through Google Gears. If javascript is usually that we enjoy on the web sometimes causes our computers to slow down or at least make a browser such as work o hard then the web worker to help. One of the features of web worker is threading. Now the javascript can be used to perform several processes at once without having to inhibit the process of UI-related.

Well here it is. Create a designer who is often to abuse div and span as nav element, fret no more. There will be a special tag for navigation, section, footer, etc.. Rich semantic tags like this would be more useful than the tags that only have information on the format and layout alone. And for a machine, HTML5 will be more understandable.

Do not stop there, there will also be better support for microformats from now. Support microformats will utilize new tags and attributes that were introduced in HTML 5.

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