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Successful Web Design Strategy
Design experts say "Webdesign Is not art". Why is that? Because the work is a compilation of various results of the expertise and the combination of images and layouts. Unity of all these elements not only produces a pleasant aesthetics but also to establish an interactive communication and also the facilities easy to access web content.

Well this is when the web designer needed "strategy". A strategy where we should be able to combine the ideals or expectations of an organization into a design.

An intelligent focus design not only looks fantastic or trend. But keep in mind the focus of the destination Web is made. For example: A web sells computers or gaming community would be flooded with image files look nicer. A blog containing opinions / personal experiences need not have fantastic design. It could be made quite simple with a little color as long as the unique, lightweight and easy to browse and comment on his blog.

Implementation of Design Webmaster

We can use the 6 steps below as part of the strategy in a web design:

Goal Setting of a Web  
One thing that should be sure when you as webmaster will make a website is the final destination of the owner of the web. Do you want to achieve when wanting a new website or redesigning the web? What are the main purpose of the web. If it turns out your client did not know about it. Then you should sit down together and discuss to establish the meaning of web design has been created.
Remember! That website is not part of an art, but it is a view that accommodate a variety of functions from a server. The function in question can mean: to sell products, news, entertainment, sports, diary, etc. communities. Especially for redesign job, ask why do? Just a new face, raising the number of visitors, inviting user participation, increase the number of users who do register.
Identify the target audience
Who is being targeted as potential visitors very influential to the look and functionality of a web. There are several design aspects that will influence the web design, such as age, sex, profession and competence. For example, a website that contains games for young people in desperate need of a "wow" design with more detailed rules to remember that the audiences are intelligent user. 

Determining the Brand of a web  
Lots of web designer use a shortcut to find inspiration that is based on existing design trends. Glossy buttons, gradient and reflection effects can be very suitable for some web. But may not match the Brand that was carried.
Thinking of colors, feelings that will be submitted should have to give strength to web brand.
Design Final Destination
You have already known the web usability, making the targets, identify potential users and define the brand. The question is: How do I make design in harmony with the strategy? Easily see the following example:
The main goal is to entice users to register (subscriber) into our web design. So at least there are 3 steps to support the target:
  • Shorten the text or captions. Do not use the language is too detailed so that confuse visitors.
  • Clarify the button or the 'registration' with a color or a special image making it easy to find.
  • Shorten the registration items. Prospective applicants to fill only the essentials only. For more detailed form can be done when it was registered at a later time.

How do I apply a design strategy for the brand and audience? If the website focuses on 'entertainment' then create an 'experience' design. Free to use of many colors and images to sharpen the design. If the web that made the focus to the delivery of information such as blogs, or magazines. Then make an efficient and attractive. Navigation is clear and unambiguous.
Target Analysis Tool  
Web ready-made and can be enjoyed. It's time to see or measure the success target. If you want a user registered as much as possible, then look at the changes when the design changed. If it's a blog, please check the RSS statistics. If you want to know the level of interaction with visitors, look how many posts a comment or feedback posts are made.
You can use Google Analytics to help you to analyze upon the success of a web.
A philosophy of Japan, namely kai meaning change and zen means good. Continuous Improvement is the essence of Kaizen. When working in the web world, we must think that the published material, there is  no final version. We will always make continuous improvement to perfection. The idea of fixing it from our own and can also capture feedback from visitors.


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