Basic Concept of Making Website

Basic Concept of Making Website

Before making the web in a professional, an important task as a web developer is to provide ideas and ideas about what points will be displayed in a web page. Thus, a web developer will also need to consult with the owner of the web itself for everything that a web owner's goals can be achieved.

Another case with a web developer who is given freedom in making a web. Web owners usually entrusted entirely to the developers. Well, if so then as a web developer should really prove his skill in making the web in a professional manner for the owner of the web was not disappointed with the work that has been made.
To become a professional web developer is not easy because they have to combine the web programming language with the value of art contained in any web page. Both should be had, if one only then can not called as a professional web developer. Although smart PHP language in a web, but if not supported by the soul of art, the result less than the maximum. Vice versa, if only smart to make a web page views but not supported by knowledge of web programming language then it will be in vain.

As a beginner of web developer, you don’t need to be discouraged if you want to be a professional web developer. Most important is the willingness to continue to learn and learn again for insight on web development continues to grow. There are some things that need to be known by the beginner of web developer when they first wanted to build a website from zero. To make a professional website, you need to understand some basic concepts in managing the web, ranging from tools that are used, the appropriate image format, up to the election of text and background color of a webpage.
In designing a website, we can not escape from the software for image processing (image) as part of website. There are some graphic design tool that can be used to assist in making a beautiful website, including:
  1. Adobe Photoshop ( this software is very populer, and can be relied upon to create and edit graphics and photography images.
  2. Adobe Illustrator ( This software is used to create an image in vector form and can be used to create illustrations.
  3. PaintShop Pro ( this software is similiar with Adobe Photoshop, a little more sophisticated but still less popular than Adobe Photoshop.
  4. Macromedia Fireworks ( this software is very similar to Adobe Photoshop, but this tool-based vectors. This software allows all the elements can be edited again and can integrate with Macromedia Dreamweaver. In addition, because of all the Macromedia products acquired by Adobe, the name was changed to Adobe Macromedia Fireworks.
  5. Macromedia Flash ( this software can be used to create vector-based animation for the website.
Graphics / images in a website can provide extraordinary visual effects to the website, but can increase the connection time due to the many images that are displayed. The graph on the website can be either static, animated, and photography.
For connection to our website more quickly, need to understand some file formats are often used on a website, including:
  1. GIF: has an 8-bit color, support in the form of transparent, compress areas of solid color, reduce number of colors and made for quick download process, also can be used to create animation in graphical form (animated graphic).
  2. JPG: 24-bit color, maintain the quality of brightness and hue found in a photograph, can be stored in a high quality format (high resolution), a JPG file can also be used in low-resolution version (low resolution) of the image that appears when the image is downloaded, does not support transparency.
  3. PNG: PNG-8 supports 8 bit color, compress areas of solid color, keep the detail sharpness, supporting transparency, more sophisticated compression than gif because it can compress approximately 10-30% smaller than the format GIF.
After seeing the comparison of several graphic file formats for web, you can determine which format will be used as needed. In principle, all file formats can be used as a guide in choosing a suitable file format. There are several considerations when choosing one of several file formats, including:
  • Keep a minimum file size
  • Always use RGB color mode
  • Use Web palette (216 web-safe color)
If you select the GIF file format: save a little color if necessary, save it as interlaced .gif, create a transparent background color.
If you select the JPG file format: select the smallest quality if necessary, and save it as progressive.


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