How To Design A Website?

How To Design A Website? 

Lots of ways are used by some people to create websites. And in this training you will be told things that are important in the Making Web site to make it look attractive even though its form is simple. So before making a website consider the following matters:

  • Determine Your Target Readers:
If the target readers of your Webpage is local person, you better use local language in your web document. To be more understandable and more quickly responding to your Webpage. Meanwhile, if the target readers of your Webpage is a person in the world, use of English is an international language on your web document. And it would not hurt if your web document is made in three or four languages, which are used by people worldwide.

  • Determine the purpose of your Website:
In making websites, so you should specify the purpose of the website that you make or you build. Does the website to publicize yourself or you want to publish your company and the production of goods your company, etc.. However form the purpose of the Website or Web documents that you create, to be clear so that readers can better understand your website and understand the purpose of your website.

  • Create your Webpage Structure:
Before you create your Web documents, it would be better if you first consider how to manage your Web document. Make the structure of the document you created with clear and precise so as not to deviate from the purpose of making your Website.


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