Create Blog Table of Contents

Do you like to read books? The answer will certainly vary, there are going to answer like and some that will say no like it. But I'm sure you have ever read a book. In a book there is a section called the table of contents, with a list of the contents of the book it will make the reader of the book to find the parts of the book you want to read. The question that may arise is what to do between books with blogs? not just a book that can contain a list of contents for ease of his readers, even within a blog we can do it. In addition to tempt visitors to linger more on our blog, it would be very easier for readers to find articles in the sense of interesting to read. make a link to the article.

Well ... I want to explain right now is how do I create a List of blog content automatically. Yupppsss .. with only once we make a list of the contents should not be made again and again but continue to work automatically, this technique introduced by the hans through the beautiful beta blog. Interested to make it? please follow the following steps:

How to Make a Random Post on Blogger

How to make a random post on blogger. Tutorial blog this time will explain how I view the posts / articles randomly on Blogger.

This type of random post is called dynamic random post, because it looks like a slide. With a slide show, of course random post will also attract the attention of visitors.

For those of you who rarely update the blog, this widget may be quite useful. Because of all the articles in your blog will be displayed randomly using this widget.

That way, visitors who several times visited the blog, you can continue to read your articles the other, even if you have not added a new post though.

For those of you who want to try this dynamic random post, can directly follow the following tutorial.

What is Cookie?

What is cookie?
Non Technical 
It’s very difficult to find good examples in the real world that can describe the cookies with appropriately. But let's try this one: A doctor will give you a card that will be filled on your circumstances when you first came for a treatment to him and handed the card to you. Every time you come (which may still be associated with the same disease) you submit the card and the doctor can know your progress, and can know you came because of what (for the disease earlier, or because of new diseases). If the doctor is a web server and the patient is a client (browser), then the card is a cookie that will be discussed at this time.

Introduction to XML

Before starting to learn the techniques of building a web service, it helps us understand the basic concepts of XML. An understanding of XML will help us to more easily understand what is happen behind the web service. For readers who already understand the basic concepts of XML, can skip the discussion in this chapter.

What is XML?
XML lies at the core web service, which is used to describe data. The main function of XML is the communication between applications, data integration, and communications with external partner application outcomes. With the standardization of XML, different applications can easily communicate between each other.

Table In Blog With Google Docs

How to create a table on the blog already widely shared on other blogs, but how to create tables that will be presented here are very different and much easier for even novice bloggers who do not understand the HTML language. Generally to create a table on a blog or site used HTML code, but in this article we will learn to create tables by using google documents.

How to create a table in Google documents is the same as creating tables in spreadsheet pogram like Microsoft Office Excel or Open Office Calc. The good news is the table is online and can be pasted in a blog of site.
Another advantage of google documents to create table are :