Domain Name

What is Domain Name ?

Domain Name is the unique name used to identify computers on a network that is joined to the Internet.

Based on the article in wikipedia:

A domain name is an identification label to define a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in the Internet, based on the Domain Name System (DNS).

In the early Internet was developed, a system called the IP address used to give an address to each server that is incorporated into the Internet network. IP Address is a series of numbers. for example: So if Internet users want to access a data in one server, which he need to do is access the server by typing the address of the IP Address.

But along with the rate of growth of the Internet is growing very rapidly, there was one problem: Addressing by using the IP address was very difficult. Most people are difficult to memorize the digits such as IP Address. Therefore, munculah idea to give alias to use the alphabet that is more humane and easily memorized and the addressing using the IP Address that is less humane.

IP Address of a server is Because typing that number like that is less humane, then it’s made to the domain name as an alias from Anyone with access to, will automatically be redirected to a server which is located at

In conclusion:

Domain Name is a unique name that is used as an alias from one IP address of the server. When we access a single domain name, we automatically access one server with one IP address in the addressed by a particular domain.

Some terms about the domain:
  • Top Level Domain - the very back of a domain name
  • Second Level Domain - The following Top Level Domains
  • Subdomains - domains that become part of a larger domain

For the third term above, most easily by using direct sample:
  • com is the Top Level Domain
  • Google is a Second Level Domain
  • group is a subdomain

I think now you understand about domain name. For more details, you can read the wikipedia page on the domain name:

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