Commercial and Free CMS

If you are looking for a CMS (Content Management System) on the Internet, then you will be given plenty of options. Like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal CMS is part of Free (Open Source) are popular. There are still many other free CMS you can use. In addition to free CMS, also many commercial CMS that can be used for companies, online stores, web portals, web education, etc.
Between commercial CMS and Free CMS, which one is best to use? It is difficult to determine which is best, all depends on the type of website that will be made, for what the website is created, and how much budget is available to make the website.
Before you decide to use CMS or CMS Free Commercial for your website, first you need to know what the difference of the two types of CMS is.

Walking Text in Menu Bar

Maybe you have ever seen the text run which is on the menu bar.

This article is the answer to make walking text in blog. Well if you were interested to make the walking text, please read this article thoroughly.

Because the blogger template is divided into two: the classic and new template, then for how to make the text run will be different, so my discussion will be divided into two parts. However, I need to say, the example that I will give this result is not exactly like on this blog is the text runs from left-right direction, but I'll give an example text runs from left to right direction and there is a lag time between writing the tops with The second and subsequent writings.

Neon Lights Text

Creating text animation with effects of fluorescent light (Neon Lights Text)

This post is about the neon effect on text in which the text turns from left to right. So with the following script would look effects lit from left to right but only two or more of the characters are lit depend on your setting.

If interested in trying the effect of neon on this text, please copy the script below and then insert it into the html / javascript gadget or into the post,
Script can be seen below:

Circling Text Trail

How to make the circular text follow the mouse movement (Circling text trail)

How to make text follow a circular motion moving the mouse or known as "Circling text trail". The text is moving in a circle around the mouse pointer when the mouse is idle. Text to be displayed can be set as desired.

All you need do is to insert the script below into the gadget html / javascript.

Put Google Buzz Button in Blog

Google has introduced Google Buzz Button. Buzz button help others to share your content from your website/blog in Google Buzz page, social networking such as Facebook and Twitter.

You can add a Buzz button to your blogger blog easily in just minutes.

Below I will explain how to add this Google official buzz button to blogger.

How to Hide Blog Header Description

Blogs, of any kind, in the making requires header consisting of the blog title and blog description.
Although there are some blog calling itself "No Title". Actually it is also the title of the blog.
Usually the description of the blog will consist of several words that could explain the outline of the content or blog content.
Well the thing is, if the description is too long then it can take up header space of our blog.

This time we will discuss a bit of blog tips to hide blog description.

Put Digg This Button in Your Blog

How to Put Digg This Button

This time we will discuss about a tutorial on how to install Digg This button on your website.

Digg has a tool where visitors can directly submit your articles to digg. This tool is called a Digg This Button.

Then how do I install this digg button on your website? Simply look at the script below.

There are 4 options that you can use.

Multiple Target Hyperlink

Link on a website or blog is generally used to provide a single link, whether it was an open target location or the target of open window.

Well, here we will modify hyperlink to open several new target window tabs in one link. So when users click the link it will open more than one tab with different address. I often see this technique in a website/blog with many advertisement.

Here is the code to make multiple target hyperlink:

Internal Search Facility for Blog

Website and blog today is more complex than ever. Number of information in a blog can be used by visitors to answer their questions and learn what they need to know before contacting the blog owner.
But with all the information and features that are packed in a lot of blogs today, visitors can also make it more difficult to determine if a blog contains the information they need and then how to find it on her blog. Moreover if a blog has a design and confusing navigation. Internal search facility is the solution to the problem. vs.

I remember once when I was in the early stage in learning website, especially during the early acquainted with Wordpress cms. At that time I think Wordpress is only one, but it's not true. There are and and it's different.
I never list on with the intent to create a free blog. I've been looking for themes / templates on, and yet it is very limited, not like I've come across on a site called Wordpress also (apparently Never too many days Googling looking for info on how to install your favorite plugins on, but could not. Have you ever experienced?

Auto Hide Navbar Blogspot

What is meant Auto Hide Navbar here is the navbar congenital of Blogspot posted in every blog on with congenital standard template.

The function of this navbar to facilitate other bloggers to participate, share, reported abuse of the use of blogs (e.g. porn blogs, blogs that contain elements of rough, making a obscene, etc.) and search for the next blog, this means blog walking is recommended by Google.

Some of the blogs that we find by using a blog template from third parties, some of which remove congenital Blogger Navbar.

PHP Function With More Than One Value

PHP Function With More Than One Value
This article will try to explain how to create a function that can return more than one value, or Returning multiple values from function in PHP. The essence of these functions is the use of arrays and list (); function. Here I will try to give an example function that can separate the first name and last name of a person's name. Create a file named value.php or you can give another name that you want.
The contents of the file with:
< ?php
function double_value($fullname)
$firstlast = explode(” “, $fullname);
$first_name = $ firstlast[0];
$last_name = $ firstlast[1];
return array($first_name, $last_name);
$myfullname = “John Lennon”;
list($myfirstname, $mylastname) = double_value($myfullname);
echo “Full Name : “.$myfullname.”<br>”;
echo “First Name : “.$myfirstname.”<br>”;
echo “Last Name : “.$mylastname ;

The core of its functions :
When a variable used as the contents of the parameter :
double_value ($fullname)
Separate the first and last name by using a space and enter into an array :
$firstlast= explode ("", $fullname);
So that later can be able to access the first name we can use variable $firstlast[0]
and to access last name we can use variable $firstlast[1]
Then do the return value of the form array :
return array ($first_name, $last_name);
With the list() function take two values that shaped an array :
list ($myfirstname, $mylastname) = double_value ($myfullname);
Then show by using echo function :
echo “Full Name : “.$myfullname.”<br>”;
echo “First Name : “.$myfirstname.”<br>”;
echo “Last Name : “.$mylastname ;
That is one example of the algorithm makes the function can return two values.

PHP Function With More Than One Value

Chat with Google Widget

Chatting with the widgets from Google. Many chat widget scattered around the Internet today. But every widget would vary, ranging from appearance to functionality owned.

Make Random Text

How to make Random Text

How do I show random text? Here I will explain how to display random text by using JavaScript.

This script can be used for example to display the words of pearls or wise words to decorate your blog.

Just see the code below:

Refresh Menu for Blog

Creating a refresh menu on the blog

Refresh function is used to create a "refresher" page of blog or website. This refresh function similar to refresh the existing functionality in Internet browsers, the difference is that this function is made to work automatically, the user does not need to press the refresh button on the tool bar.
To make it enough to just put the code below:

Compress Image Size with

Compress Image Size with is one tool / Yahoo-owned web application designed to optimize the image. With this online application, you can reduce / compress the image into smaller / lighter size.

For those of you who have a blog with lots of banner or other image, you should use this application. Because with many pictures of sites / blogs you'll become more severe (longer loading process).

Now, by performing image compression, your blog will be lighter.

Make Professional Website

Tips to Build a Website Looks More Professional
How do I create a website or blog look more professional? Website or blog that looks more professional would be better for the progress of your website. Visitors will always come back and wait for the latest updates from your website or blog.

Not only that, you also may be offered cooperation by other web masters, whether in business, share traffic, or other things.

Well, for those of you who want the website appear more professional, do the tips below :

Upload Images Easily With TinyPic

Now it's a lot of free image hosting service. This time, I will discuss about which is good image hosting service.

TinyPic is a free service that allows you to be able to upload pictures to the internet. One of the advantages, that you are not required to log in to be able to upload the image. So you can quickly upload your images.

However, with so of course you can not set your pictures. We recommend you sign up to be more liberal in regulating or see the url of the image that you uploaded.

Backup Your Blog Online

Maybe you had heard about blog at (blogspot) suddenly getting banned by the Very at once pity indeed, blogs are already on order as good as possible and has gained a very high traffic suddenly have disappeared from the control of the owner. What if it happened on our blog? hopefully not to happen. But although we all hope it does not happen, it is still likely to occur still exist. Why so? simple answer is we just join in place of others that is party

Introduction to the Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS) is an application designed to create, arrange and improvise data. Simplifying the complex and complicated process of publishing content on your website or intranet. In CMS, the data can be anything - text, images, movies, data technology, and others. With this convenience even a layman can create text and multimedia content to the features page by using this clever application. In addition to his ability that quite a lot in terms of web page design and publishing, CMS is also used to perform tasks such as:

Hide Archive Numbers On Blogspot

The numbers contained in the archives and labels on Blogger serves to inform the number of posts that have been made by bloggers on blogging. Number view by default will appear when the blogger add Category / Labels and Archive gadgets on the template used. We can remove the number with just a few easy steps.

The following steps can be used if you want archive and label numbers are not displayed in your blog. Just a suggestion from me, preferably before editing the template always back-up your templates before editing to avoid the possibility of failure at the time you edit your template.