Designing Web Navigation

Designing Web Navigation Tips

Navigation on a website that displayed in the menus and links are the instructions for visitors to the pages contained in the website. Visitors will easily find the pages in your website if the menu and links appeared in a structured way.
No doubt visitors will be annoyed if it does not get the web page he was looking for because of the intricate navigation.

Good Plan 
It should be conducted before you begin creating a web of course is making the concept of the website itself. The concept will include basic navigation in the form of "tree view" (branched and relay) from the start of a general nature content to detailed content. This is the outline of the navigation of the site that will be created.
Navigation Placement 
As has been stated above, the navigation will bring visitors from one thing that are common to other things that are detailed. Main page (index) of course will contain the main menu of a general nature. Branching from the core menu can be put on the branch pages of the index.
Alternatively, you can use javascript to display the menu and sub-menus as well.
As much as possible do not change the menu layout on each web page so visitors more easily find the menus. For example the main menu on top, after that on the pages contained in the main menu to display the sub-menu on the left or right page.
Make a menu with prominent style so that visitors easily recognize it. It should be in combination with elements of aesthetics, so the menus could be in line with the concept of web design are made.
Short and Descriptive 
Words contained in the menu should be able to give a clear and concise instructions on the website page below the menu. Use the terms commonly, concise, and easy to understand.
Give instructions on Visitors 
It would be better if the web page includes a brief structure of the web page being displayed. For example: About Us>> Vision & Mission>>

Give Link to Home Page 
Do not forget to give a link to the main page or a link to a page in the "parent topic". This will help visitors if your site is built in the quite complex structure of menus and submenus.

Make the sitemap link on each web page. This will further simplify and shorten the page search process by visitors.

If the visitors feel comfortable in visiting your website, it will be better the website content can be received by visitors.


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