Web Design Tips

These simple website tips can help you to make your site better :
Creating links without underline
You do not like to underline that there is a link? Below is a trick that you can use to eliminate the bottom line is
<A HREF="page.html" STYLE="TEXT-DECORATION: NONE"> Link without underline </A>
The trick can be used in MS Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator 4.0 or greater.
Download from website without using FTP
Do you have a web site and wish to distribute software from your website? But you do not have access to the FTP server. Do not be confused! You can still do it even without an FTP. The trick: use the links that lead to file downloads.
<a href="freeware.zip"> Download file HERE </a>

Consider the use of Java Applet
By using the Java applet you can create beautiful web pages. But too much use of Java applets will result in slow loading. For that you need to think "profit and lose" before you use Java applets. Remember there are still many netters who use computers with slow Internet access.


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