To arrange the letters in HTML tags you can use <FONT> and closing </ FONT>. This tag has several attributes to set the formatting style of a text.
Font Size
Size = n is the attribute that is used to adjust the font size. N value ranges between 0 (smallest size) up to the largest 7. The following example will display the text in various sizes as shown below.
<TITLE> font_size.htm </ TITLE>
</ HEAD>
<FONT SIZE=1> Font Size 1 </ FONT> <BR>
<FONT SIZE=2> Font Size 2 </ FONT> <BR>
<FONT Size=3> Font Size 3 </ FONT> <BR>
<FONT SIZE=4> Font Size 4 </ FONT> <BR>
<FONT SIZE=5> Font Size 5 </ FONT> <BR>
<FONT SIZE=6> Font Size 6 </ FONT> <BR>
<FONT SIZE=7> Font Size 7 </ FONT>
</ BODY>
</ HTML>
Fonts Types
To set the font type you can use attribute syntax face to face = string. String a string value that indicates normal font name and more than one.
Font Color
To set the font color you can use a color attribute with syntax color = # RRGGBB. RRGGBB value is a combination of numbers in hex number that indicates the capacity of the red (RR), green (GG), and blue (BB).
You also can replace # RRGGBB with constant color in the browser.


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