What is Blogging?

Why are you Blogging?
Maybe that question should be answered to evaluate our blogging activities so far. In general, people respond just a hobby or answer most is to get money. Yes, that's the average answer may be different for you.

Although distinct from both jawanban above, it is not a problem. Most important is to ask us. What are our intentions for this blog? I think the most appropriate answer is to share. Why?

Because this is the strongest intention to maintain stamina in blogging. You do not mind the money earned from blogging. The average beginner blogger who initiated the intention of money can not survive long in the arena of the blogosphere. Why? Because if after a two-three months is not got money then it could certainly be expected to retreat from the world called the blogosphere or FAIL.

It also shared with a sincere intention will certainly get a reward. In addition to think about the world, the afterlife is actually the primary. Because we live in a world not only for this life but also life after we die. With the sincere intention to share the hope we get a reward!

But relax. Only with the intention of sharing instead we can not make money from blogs. After reading some success stories success stories AdSense and other bloggers, I got a conclusion. That their initial intention is not money. But it is shared. And ends instead to money in abundance, too.

From now change our intentions. Write in your mind “blogging is to share”. To get a reward. Not the other. Then you will feel no pressure in posting. Not dizzy because of something else. And in the long run it is not you who are looking for money. But let MONEY FIND YOU!


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