Adding Components Website

Adding Components Website
Components on the website is a business that should not be forgotten by the web designer. Because these components are complementary components that make your website complete and demand by visitors.
There are many components that have ready-made in web builder such as Frontpage that can be used by designers to be loaded on a page into a web browser. These components provide a quick and easy to use without you having to learn the writing of the script or ActiveX and Java programming. The components are:

This component is very useful when you build a web site. This comment is a comment that is inserted into the HTML code to explain some aspects of the design or coding. These comments will not be visible when the page is displayed in the browser.
Page Banner
Insert banner graphic at the top of a web page
Banner Ad Manager
Rotate the view several images at specified intervals. Allows you to select the type of transition between the banner (dissolve, horizontal blinds, etc.) and link the banner to a web page.
Hit counter
Displays the number of times pages have been visited, or "hit".
Hover Button
Inserting a link that displays the visual effects when mouse pointer "floating," or placed on it. These effects include changes in color and appearance that resembles a button depressed.
Displays a horizontal scroll text on web pages.
Confirmation Field
Requesting confirmation of user input given on the form web page.
Include Page 
Inserting one web page at the location specified in the other pages. For example, you might insert a copyright page in the bottom of each page within your website.
Scheduled Picture Displaying an image for the specified time period and replace it with another image. Useful for displaying information related to time, such as the icon "New" on the new page.
Include Schedule Page Inserting one web page in another page for a specific time period and replacing it at a chosen time. Useful for displaying information related to time, such as information about seasonal sales.
Replace the text with the specified value, such as other text.
Insert a link to the page by category. Useful to create a list of contents for certain types of pages, such as budgeting or planning reports.
Search Form
Allows visitors search for text within a web site. If you save a page with a search form, FrontPage will create an index of the web site. When users perform a search, FrontPage uses the index to create a list of hyperlinks to pages that contain the word or phrase that he was looking for.
Table of Contents
Make a list of contents for the web site.
Components for Business Websites
Webmasters have to understand that the audience would come to their web sites through the promotion process and good communication only between the manager and web audience. Knowledge necessary to unify the components of the site to create a good community. The components that are used to complement a business website is:
  1. Email is the component that is often used to communicate with each other.
  2. \Mailing List. Are components that distribute the latest news to the audience. This component serves as direct sales to customers.
  3. Searching Engine. Is a component that helps the audience to search all content or anything else directly and quickly.
  4. Discussion Forum. This component is very important because you can quickly receive information about the service you have provided, or other topics aimed at helping the company progress.
  5. Counter. This component will inform you, how many audience visits your site.


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