Speed up Blogs Loading

Have ever opened a website or blog and you have to wait so long so the page opened 100%?. You can wait or you can left the page. If you can are patient and wait, I’m sure you will see the page contains a lot of components and widget.

Many SEO experts said that loading time is the first important factor of successful website or blog. So, how can I speed up my blog loading time? Here are some tips to speed your blog:

Eliminate unuseful label! or do not make the label a lot more!
This can make the blogger or blogspot so much faster in loading. You can try it on your own blog on blogspot, it could reduce the loading time up to 50% more.

And as a general suggestions:

  1. Do not love the widget or feature that you do not need such as the header image as big as elephant,
  2. Banners everywhere,
  3. Clock,
  4. Flash,
  5. Especially do not put song or music or other things that do not need. It will make slow internet connections.
Hopefully with rapid loading time in this blog can make visitors feels more at home .


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