Steps In Making Web Site

Once you make your designs so that you should immediately do is register at one of free web server to put your design. For that you can choose one of the existing free web server.
There are two kinds of free web servers that are allowed to access the cgi-bin directory and free web server that does not allow access to that directory. With access to the cgi-bin then we can put our own script. For example scripts for guest books, mailing lists, counters, etc.. With a script that made itself so you can make a book crammed with guests without the need for advertising.
But before doing the upload (send files to the server) you can equip your website with:


Guest Book So the netter who stop by to your site can leave messages, criticism or just comment on your website.
Counter With the counter you can find out how many people have visited your site.
Mailing List If your site is considered a weighted you can complete with mailing lists. So people who registered on the mailing list site you will know (for example) when the site updated.


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