JavaScript Standard Objects

JavaScript Standard Objects

In JavaScript is also known JavaScript standard object. These objects are standardized by the ECMA Association (European Computer Manufacturer Association). The following is a list of standard JavaScript objects :

Object Name and Description:

Array object allows us to create tables. It has various methods to add, delete, or also take
elements of a table and also sort the their elements.

Boolean Boolean object allows us to create a boolean value, elements that have two states: true or false

Date Date object allows us to create and manipulate dates and also the duration of time.

Function Function object allows us to make a personalized function

Math Math object allows us to manipulate the mathematical functions, such as trigonometric functions

Numbers Number object allows us to make the operation of basic operations on numbers

RegExp RegExp object allows us to create a regular expression. This expression is useful to perform more sophisticated operations to String type variable.

String objects provide many kinds of methods that allow us to manipulate the String type variable


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