Hide Archive Numbers On Blogspot

The numbers contained in the archives and labels on Blogger serves to inform the number of posts that have been made by bloggers on blogging. Number view by default will appear when the blogger add Category / Labels and Archive gadgets on the template used. We can remove the number with just a few easy steps.

The following steps can be used if you want archive and label numbers are not displayed in your blog. Just a suggestion from me, preferably before editing the template always back-up your templates before editing to avoid the possibility of failure at the time you edit your template.

  • Login to Blogger
  • Choose a design, click edit HTML (click the expand widget template)
  • Press ctrl-F or F3 on the keyboard to do a search code and try to find the code below:
  • In the template, there are several the above code and when you find it please delete all the code.
  • Save and see the results.

You will see your archive or label/category appear without number.
A few simple tips may be useful for you who want to change the look of your templates.


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