Compress Image Size with

Compress Image Size with is one tool / Yahoo-owned web application designed to optimize the image. With this online application, you can reduce / compress the image into smaller / lighter size.

For those of you who have a blog with lots of banner or other image, you should use this application. Because with many pictures of sites / blogs you'll become more severe (longer loading process).

Now, by performing image compression, your blog will be lighter.

Just follow the tutorial below :
  • Visit
  • Scroll your mouse over the Try it out.
  • Copy and paste the address or URL of the image in the box provided.
  • Click the Smush button and see the results.
When finished you just copy the link and paste it on your blog. My advice you should save image result by uploading to your favorite image hosting service for easy arrangements.

Images are optimized for a maximum of 5 images at one compression process.

Simply steps that you need to do in compressing images with Hopefully this short tutorial can help.
Good luck!


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