Internal Search Facility for Blog

Website and blog today is more complex than ever. Number of information in a blog can be used by visitors to answer their questions and learn what they need to know before contacting the blog owner.
But with all the information and features that are packed in a lot of blogs today, visitors can also make it more difficult to determine if a blog contains the information they need and then how to find it on her blog. Moreover if a blog has a design and confusing navigation. Internal search facility is the solution to the problem.
Advantage of Internal Search Facility in Blog :
Installation of an internal search facility can provide several benefits to help visitors of our blog, including:

  • Helping visitors find what they need quickly.
  • Overcoming the problems of navigation and blog design that confusing.
  • Provide a profit opportunity make money from programs like adsense for search.
  • Creating a blog is more focused on the visitors.
  • Provide lots of information about who is visiting our blog and what they need.
  • The inspiration for writing new articles.
  • Reveals new keywords
So make sure if our blog has internal search facility. If not, what options can we use? There are several solutions that free, commercial, and even paid that are available.
Sites provide Internal Search Facility for Blog :

Google Adsense For Search
This service is the most widely used because it is a service from Google and provide opportunities to get money from blog. Ads will be included in search result. If visitors click the ads, you will get revenue.

Lijit Search
The service is also quite widely used and provide opportunities to get money like adsense for search. The surplus is we can obtain statistical data and key word searches made on our blog.

Atomz Search
This service is free and it has it’s own hosting for search results.

Pico Search
This service is free and paid. Free services include ads in search results but not for blog owner doesn’t get money.

This service pack also has a free and paid.

Already put one of them in your blog?


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