Commercial and Free CMS

If you are looking for a CMS (Content Management System) on the Internet, then you will be given plenty of options. Like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal CMS is part of Free (Open Source) are popular. There are still many other free CMS you can use. In addition to free CMS, also many commercial CMS that can be used for companies, online stores, web portals, web education, etc.
Between commercial CMS and Free CMS, which one is best to use? It is difficult to determine which is best, all depends on the type of website that will be made, for what the website is created, and how much budget is available to make the website.
Before you decide to use CMS or CMS Free Commercial for your website, first you need to know what the difference of the two types of CMS is.

Free CMS is available free on the Internet, which can be downloaded and converted his script code. Because it is free, its development came from the developers who voluntarily contribute in improving and enhancing performance. Usually the development of Free CMS more quickly than commercial CMS.

Free CMS Advantages:
  • The installation is fast and free, except for payment for the rental of the domain and hosting.
  • Faster performance and stability testing (not necessarily better) because many users and developers.
  • Usually a lot of support for Technical Support in the forums or blog tutorial.

Free CMS Disadvantages:
  • Security Systems is not as good Commercial CMS, because it is Open Source or script code can be viewed and can be learned by everyone.
  • The number of developers are likely generated a lot of damage (crash) on the system, because every web developer have different habits in developing a web application.
  • Because anyone can participate to the development, so not all of them professional. So often the problem arises because the programming is not competent.
  • Options menu settings that are very complicated and required language skills to the integration of programming for each application.

Commercial CMS basically similar to the Free CMS, which together have the ability to manage web content. But on the Commercial CMS restricted access to the script code. Even on some Web Developer Company, can not access the script code, or the price to be able to access the script code is very expensive. In the sense that clients buy the full rights over the script code that has been made.
Commercial CMS Advantages :
  • Security System is better than Free CMS because script code can not be access, or only the client can see the script code.
  • The possibility of a crash on applications is smaller because the application is made by the same developer.
  • Development is more competent because handled by a professional developer.
  • For clients, it is not complicated and not needed programming language skills because the Commercial CMS is made as simple as possible (users friendly) in accordance with the needs of clients.

Commercial CMS Disadvantages:
  • It needs so long time to make it and usually expensive, because the developers build it from zero.
  • Performance and stability for testing takes a long time.
  • Technical Support are charged extra.


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