Chat with Google Widget

Chatting with the widgets from Google. Many chat widget scattered around the Internet today. But every widget would vary, ranging from appearance to functionality owned.

Chat widget the most widely used in particular is Shoutmix. But now shoutmix can not be used the same way again. Some functions can not be used again.

This widget is quite simple and can be used with your Google account. In addition, the conversations do not only from the visitors in your website, but it can also of other websites around the world. But it seems that users of these widgets is still small. Even so, it would not hurt if you try it.
Simply follow the tutorial below :
  1. Visit
  2. In Size, select the size of the widget you want.
  3. Select a topic of conversation. If there is no topic appropriate with your blog, you can use topic of your own by choosing “Type your own” and type your topic.
  4. In Scope select “Restrict to your site” to restrict the conversation only on your website. Or choose “Share across the web” to receive the conversation from the entire website.
  5. If you have, now you'll see a preview of this widget.
  6. Last copy an existing script into your website or blog.


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