Upload Images Easily With TinyPic

Now it's a lot of free image hosting service. This time, I will discuss about tinypic.com which is good image hosting service.

TinyPic is a free service that allows you to be able to upload pictures to the internet. One of the advantages, that you are not required to log in to be able to upload the image. So you can quickly upload your images.

However, with so of course you can not set your pictures. We recommend you sign up to be more liberal in regulating or see the url of the image that you uploaded.

In addition to uploading images TinyPic also provides a service to upload video and still there are some other advantages, such as the following:

  • Provide the use of tags to pictures / videos.
  • Ability to resize your image.
  • Can change the quality of the videos you upload.
  • You can collect your pictures into an album.
  • Upload multiple images.
  • No need to log in for upload.

Those are some advantages that you can get from TinyPic. TinyPic page is also quite mild, so it does not take long to open it. Register now tinypic.com.


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