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Tips to Build a Website Looks More Professional
How do I create a website or blog look more professional? Website or blog that looks more professional would be better for the progress of your website. Visitors will always come back and wait for the latest updates from your website or blog.

Not only that, you also may be offered cooperation by other web masters, whether in business, share traffic, or other things.

Well, for those of you who want the website appear more professional, do the tips below :

Use nice and comfortable viewing templates.
A good template will certainly make visitors feel at home in your website. Nice template that does not mean having with outstanding design. Sometimes a simple or minimalist templates can also be used. Provided that visitors feel comfortable with the look of your template.

Make your homepage not too heavy.
Your front page should give more attention. Since most visitors come to your website via the front page (homepage). So what if the front page of your website require a long time to open.
Most visitors probably will go find another website. Especially for visitors who have small connections. So the front page should be made as light as possible so that visitors feel comfortable.

Create a navigation menu neatly.
The menu is the navigation is also worth noting. Try menus appear with neat and with good color variation.

Do not put too many banners or other images.
We encourage you to put banners as needed, not too much. It also includes other images, should be deducted. Since this is in addition to making your website to be heavy, will also interfere with the comfort of visitors.

Do not use the animation or flash on your website.
Animation or flash may look good, because the pictures are moving. But not for the reader. They will be no concentration in reading your writing with the animation, this animation. If it is deemed necessary, should be deducted.

Do not be too much to make a link.
Use the links as necessary. Do not be too much to put a link because it will confuse the reader. Set a link in such a way that neatly arranged. Also in your posting, a link that will trouble many readers in deepening these materials on your post.

Create a background color page that does not interfere with writing.
One more thing that can interfere with the comfort of visitors, that is coloring in the background. Many templates use the background that disturb the visitors in to read your writing.
That is, it covers the background color or nearly the same as the text color. It usually occurs before any template was loading. But if every visitor must wait until everything is open. Of course not, so this also needs your attention.

There should be no link errors.
One of the things that shows the professionalism of a website, that there is no link errors. Error link can occur on typing error link, also on that page was not found.
It will also disrupt the comfort of visitors in navigating your website. So, if there is a change links or pages that have been removed, immediately correct the link.

Create a logo for your website.
I think this is the most important thing in making a professional website. This logo will represent you and your website visitors will certainly know more about your website.
Logo needn’t be too good. But, if you have good logo would be better. Clearly these logos can distinguish your website with others.

Show topic of your website on the homepage
What topics are on your website? Topics can be in the form of a general or special. For example for the tutorial, can be divided into the blog tutorial, seo tutorial, HTML tutorial, and so forth.
Well, this topic must be shown on the homepage. Since this also will make visitors more familiar with your website.

Indicate characteristics of your website.
Many things can you make as a hallmark of your website. Including logos, banners, address bar icon, the color templates, and others.
Regarding the logo has been described above. For the banner is not much different from the logos, banners are usually present only in the writings. So is the address bar icon, it's just lying there in the address bar of your browser.
Regarding the color of the template, i.e. show the typical color of your template. For example the color blue, the colors shown on the parts of your website. It also will differentiate your website with others.

Show links to the basic pages.
The page is meant here, such as the Home page, About, Contact, Link Exchange, and others. Every well-known websites usually have these pages. This link can be displayed at the top or bottom of the website.

Show main categories.
Show most important categories and especially in your website. This will facilitate the reader in the surf in your website. This category can be displayed on the navigation menu, can also on the sidebar.
Show the greatness of your website.
One again, show the greatness of your website. Greatness is not to brag. But things or accomplishments already achieved by your website.
For example, such as Alexa rank, Google Pagerank, visitor stats, and other things. This will increase the confidence that your website visitors really great and professional.

Write quality articles.
The latter is equally important, namely the articles you write. Write an informative and quality content.
Quality articles will also be able to solve or resolve problems visitors. This will certainly help your website visitors.

Those are tips you can use to create a website or blog look more professional. How, do you feel satisfied with these tips. If so, I hope that you will receive further articles by subscribing articles from this blog.


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