Refresh Menu for Blog

Creating a refresh menu on the blog

Refresh function is used to create a "refresher" page of blog or website. This refresh function similar to refresh the existing functionality in Internet browsers, the difference is that this function is made to work automatically, the user does not need to press the refresh button on the tool bar.
To make it enough to just put the code below:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="10" />
Save the above code between <head> .... </head>

Little description about above code, content = "10" >> number ten indicates that the refresh process will be done in a span of 10 seconds. So should this figure be set not too fast because it can cause irritation to the reader if too fast on the refresh.

Refresher function is not only to refresh the pages of the blog, but there are other functions which are also quite interesting, which serves as a redirect from one URL address into another URL address. This works if you want to bring visitors to your blog or website address of the other site you want. To be more clear, I take one example. You had a website/blog, and after all these years later you made the new website/blog. You want to deactivate your old blog. Well besides taking way to leave a message that the website or blog has changed address, it is good that we use the Refresh function in the settings as soon as possible i.e., refresh time is set to 0 (zero) seconds. So if there are visitors who visit the old blog address will automatically be brought directly to the new address to your new website/blog.

Redirect function can be made with the code:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL="/>
Good luck.


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