WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

I remember once when I was in the early stage in learning website, especially during the early acquainted with Wordpress cms. At that time I think Wordpress is only one, but it's not true. There are Wordpress.org and

Wordpress.com and it's different.
I never list on wordpress.org with the intent to create a free blog. I've been looking for themes / templates on wordpress.com, and yet it is very limited, not like I've come across on a site called Wordpress also (apparently Wordpress.org). Never too many days Googling looking for info on how to install your favorite plugins on Wordpress.com, but could not. Have you ever experienced?
Based on that experience, now I can share with you, about how real difference between Wordpress.COM and Wordpress.ORG. Hopefully this post, will reduce the number of people who confuse the understanding of wordpress, and back towards the right path ..
Previously, let's first get acquainted with WORDPRESS

  • WordPress is the name of a cms, a physical is a set of interrelated scripts and supporting drawings, which is the main framework of a website (which uses wordpress script of course)
  • WordPress is open source license, meaning easy it is free and may be modified
  • WordPress has a lot of support from the opensource community, therefore, many WordPress themes and plugins are created and distributed for free
  • CMS WordPress is the most support from the community, minimum until the time of writing

Now about Wordpress.COM:
  1. WordPress.COM is a free blog hosting service like Blogger, with the list you will get the url Wordpress.COM blog with a subdomain of Wordrpess, eg http://yourname.wordpress.com
  2. WordPress.COM course use WORDPRESS cms engine
  3. In Wordpress.COM You can only use a few themes that are available, can not add new theme
  4. So is the plugin, too bad you can not install your favorite plugins
  5. Free hosting at Wordpress.COM have limitations, for example, you can not access the database directly
  6. Not allowed to embed javascript
  7. And not allowed to access the files with ftp client and not given web cpanel, this means you can not alter the codes that exist on the core or theme
  8. Talk fortunately, the cost of course, because Wordpress.COM blog for free. In terms of maintenance, upgrades and security, which handles the wordpress.COM
  9. Another advantage is in terms of publications, on wordpress.COM dashboard displayed top Wordpress blog today, the most popular posts, the blog with the fastest growth, and recent posts from some blogs. Get ready to have your writing appear on the dashboard of other users

Unlike Wordpress.ORG:
  1. WordPress.ORG is a central website publication, discussion and documentation about WORDPRESS script, you can download WordPress at wordpress.ORG. In other words, call it wordpress.ORG is only home to store and download center of WORDPRESS
  2. So is the plugin and theme, in wordpress.ORG you can select thousands of themes and plugins support, all free. There are also themes and plugins are deployed outside wordpress.ORG, and partly commercialized by the manufacturer.
  3. The focus here is, I emphasize, that wordpress.ORG only provide the script, so to create a website, you must provide your own domain, hosting, and all the components to build a website
  4. By using WordPress script on the domain and hosting separate, not in wordpress.COM, then say you can use all the available wordpress themes on the internet universe, and can install all the plugins you need
  5. Like hosting (some say wordpress self hosting or wordpress custom domain), then you are 100% entitled to access your files, either using ftp client or cPanel. So here you are free to change the code php, css, html, especially on the theme of your blog
  6. And you are free to use javascript and accessing the database directly
  7. The cost you'll shell out more for hosting and domains. But if you have a blog that give profit, why not. There really is no alternative to the search for a free, open to free and open domain is for free hosting
Well it turns out a lot too. Please enjoy, if something is missing please googling again, if there are more please comment below. Hopefully it can be particularly useful for studying website.


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