ASP Object

ASP Object
ASP has several "objects" that can be used to send and receive information from and to Web-Client.
  1. Response to provide answers to the Web-Client.
  2. Request to retrieve info from the Web-Client
  3. Application for Lock and Unlock (Concurrency problem)
  4. Session is an object that provides information about the Session-ld, Timeout and other
Object "Response"
Providing answers to the Web-Client form:
Property Status:
That is the condition of the answer given
200 Request a success and the data can be sent.
300 Request can not be fulfilled, because the location has changed / moved.
301 Request can not be filled for a while.
404 Request not fulfilled because it is not in Server. No data is sent.
500 Request can not be met, an internal error.
Content Property Type
Type MIME type / subtype:
- Image / gif
- Image / jpg
- Text / html
- Text / plain
- ... ...


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