ASP Request

ASP Request
Object "Request" Retrieving information from a Web-Client:
  • Server Variables
  • The information from the user through a form (form)
  • And others, such as Cookies
Server Variables Server Variables is the correction of many variable called "Environment Variables". This variable can be used by the program as a source of information provided by the server.
Variable values can be retrieved with the following functions:
request.server.variable ("Variable_Name ")
Some of the important variable names are defined:
  • REMOTE_ADDR IP numbers of hosts
  • Host name or alias REMOTE_HOST, according to the info from the DNS
  • REQUEST_METHOD The method used ASP-Script to control the parameters. Parameter values such as HEAD, POST, GET or PUT.
  • SCRIPT_NAME absolute name of the script / program that is in use
  • SERVER_PORT The port number that is in use, the default is 80.
  • SERVER_PROTOCOL version of the protocol is in use, such as IIS <Apache or other
  • AUTH_TYPE type of authentication methods used, related to Web security
  • CONTENT_LENGTH Number of bytes in the can from the input (via SUBMIT)
  • CONTENT_TYPE type of content, such as text, MIME
  • Info PATH_INFO program that is used to run the ASP.
  • PATH_TRANSLATED Translation from virtual directory to the actual / physical directory

Examples of programs:
<% = "_ REMOTE ADDR =" & Request.Server Variable ("REMOTE_ADDR")%>
<% = "Path Info =" & Request.Server Variables ("PATH_INFO")%>
<% = "Program Name =" & Request.Server Variables ("SCRIPT_NAME")%>


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