PHP and HTML Relations

This web page is usually composed of html codes stored in a .html extension file. HTML file is sent by the server (or files) to the browser, then browsers translate the codes so that it produces a beautiful appearance. It is different with PHP program, this program must be translated by the web server so that the html code that is sent to the browser to display. This program can stand alone or inserted between html code so that it can directly displayed along with the html code. PHP program can be added by putting the program among <? and ?>. The signs are usually called the sign for escaping from html code. HTML files that was inserted by PHP program must be saved with the extension .php or .php3.

PHP is a web programming language that is server-side HTML=embedded scripting, where the script is integrated with HTML and the server. The meaning is syntax and commandments that we provide will be fully executed on the server. PHP scripting language known as HTML tags that are attached to, executed on the server and used to create dynamic web pages such as ASP (Active Server Pages) and JSP (Java Server Pages).


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