How to Make RSS 2.0

How to Make RSS 2.0 

This article will explain what RSS is, how to create RSS, and its function.
RSS is one form of Web Syndication, RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication", Version of RSS: 0.91, 0.92 and 2.0

The function of the RSS
Web Syndication is a little tiny piece of content of our website that we share with other websites. Functions of Web Syndication is to provide feed to other websites that use our website RSS.
Web Syndication Formats: RSS, ATOM, RDF.
How to Create RSS
You need to know in the manufacture of the RSS there is some element of compulsory and optional

What is Mandatory

title : Same with the title of your website    
ex : Learn How To Make Website

link : URL from title 
ex :

description : Description that explains the title    
ex : Web Development, Website for Free, Website tutorial

  • language : Language of your website
  • Copyright : Copyright for your contents
  • managingEditor : Editor Email
  • webMaster : Webmaster Email
  • pubDate : Publication date
  • lastBuildDate : Last time content changed
  • Category : category
  • Generator : Generator used by RSS
  • Docs
  • Cloud
  • Ttl
  • Image : GIF, JPEG, PNG
  • textInput
  • skipHours
  • skipDays
FireFox and Opera is supported by the RSS.

After you create RSS, you can verify to:
Remember the RSS should be updated, follow the development of website content


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