Blogroll Tips

We all know that blogroll is list of blog addresses in our blog page. For the friend who just made a new blog and a blogroll only some of this paper may not be too helpful, but may perhaps later after the link pal amount to hundreds or even thousands of this information could be useful. Indeed, as I had said earlier that the link exchange is very useful, but ... if you have hundreds or even thousands links, of course, you will have a problem, that is, of course, this link will take place with a lot and so it is not nice to the eye of visitors. Well if my friend has this problem, then I will give some alternative solutions. Namely, among others:

Blogroll with marquee
The most widely used by bloggers to save space on blogs is to use the marquee command.
Examples of making marquee command.

Blogroll with dropdown menu
You can make blogroll in menu, so this will save your blog space.


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