Stay Beautiful by Minimalist Web Design

Web design can be interpreted as a minimalist web design that is simple, not too many colors, and easy navigation. Minimalist web tend to be favored because these are usually easy to understand and easily accessible. As discussed in previous articles, websites that have too many elements and links can make the user confused, especially if the users are not too familiar with Internet world, and is certainly very disturbing comfort.

Web minimalist must have color, texture, background and elements as simple with the addition of one or two large object as a focal point. So when accessed, the user will tend to lead the eye on one or two points that's all. Web minimalist usually only contain elements that are considered important, widgets and links are not important and do not function better if left out. But the removal of even this element also must be careful, do not let the website be a 'lame' because of the loss of important features.

Powerful and unique accent colors on specific objects can be added as reinforcement focus. Since then the whole nature of minimalist objects that will be the focus should be as unique as possible. In essence, the web should not be lost artistic and psychological elements. Although not many objects contained therein, minimalist web must also meet the principles of graphic design, both in terms of balance, alignment, to contrast it.

Basic LayoutWeb minimalist does look simple, but for people who are not used will be very difficult to find the shape and layout are minimal but sweet. Some tips on elements that might be used include:
  • Use a combination of white color - gray - black for objects that do not want highlighted. Gray can be broken down in many more colors, from light gray to dark gray. This color combination will create an impression of the minimalist and neutral because the movement of white-gray color is not really black, he just means 'dark and light'. (That's why photographs and black-and-white TV is often called the TV and the photos 'no color').
  • Use one or two strong colors on the objects that wants to find and want to be the focus. These strong colors can be dark blue, black, red hearts, and army green. The use of color in web design is also an important component.
  • Use a font that is unique to some elements who want to find.
  • Involve flash or javascript for certain elements can move. It is important that the website does not seem 'dead'. Still, considering the SEO side.
  • Use the layout or arrangement of the different pictures on each page of the website. It is rather difficult, but it can make a minimalist web does not look boring.
Minimalist web design has become a trend lately. Minimalist web design is considered more mild, communicative, and elegant. But forget the minimalist web design elements can make the artistic and psychological web that looks boring, impressed 'normal', even 'dead'. Here are some examples of minimalist web design that might be used as a reference. Can be clicked to get to the original site and try to explore these web sites, you will find several animations and navigation are 'very magical' and rich in ideas. conclusion: it's minimalist web concept can be transformed into a very nice website.


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