Heading is used to display the name of a particular chapter or section which is considered as the main topic. In HTML there are six levels of headings ranging from tag <H1> until <h6>. You can also use tags to set the font size, eg, the largest with <H1> or makes the smallest with <h6> but this tag is not used for that purpose.

Heading Position
The position of the heading on an HTML document can you set yourself. This means that text that serves as a heading to your place on the left, right, or in the middle of the document. To adjust the position of headings, you can use the ALIGN attribute on the tag heading. The value of the ALIGN attribute can be filled with one value, left to left alignment, right alignment to the right, or center to write it right in the middle.

Here is an example of writing the align attribute on a heading tag:

<TITLE> heading.htm </ TITLE>
</ HEAD>
<H1 Align="Left"> left heading</H1><BR>
<H2 Align="Right"> right heading</H2><BR>
<H4 Align="Center"> center heading</H4>
</ BODY>
</ HTML>


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