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Maybe you had heard about blog at (blogspot) suddenly getting banned by the Very at once pity indeed, blogs are already on order as good as possible and has gained a very high traffic suddenly have disappeared from the control of the owner. What if it happened on our blog? hopefully not to happen. But although we all hope it does not happen, it is still likely to occur still exist. Why so? simple answer is we just join in place of others that is party

As those who ride, of course we must realize that if at any time the owner of the place ( are no longer willing to accommodate us in place, we should be heartened to set foot in the other place we are still willing to accommodate us. There was a little sad indeed, but that's the facts. If all that does not want to happen, please buy your own homes.

What is most distressing when our account banned by the they are the articles we have created with great difficulty and have sacrificed so much time should be lost once some where. Okay, if the article if we have a blog post on just three or four articles alone probably will not lead to disappointment, but what if the articles we have reached tens or hundreds or even thousands of them, of course this is serious enough for the mind .

The question that may arise is how to save our articles if something bad had happened to us? easy answers in the guess is that we must as often as possible to make backups of these articles. To make a backup of data on a computer, it's no longer need to be discussed because I am sure all would already know how. Backup data through computers in our homes, it is often called the Offline backup data. I want to discuss this time is how to back up our articles that have been in their posts Online.

To backup Online article of course many, many ways that can be achieved, but of course I will not explain all. Of the many ways online backups, among which through Wordpress Blogs, Google Reader, and Multiply Blogs. Of the three ways which I will discuss in detail is through the wordpress blog as among the most popular free service providers in addition to is

Online Backup at

On, but we post the article as well as at, there are facilities to include all articles that have been posted on blogger account via the Import facility. With this import facility, my friend just press one button to import all the articles that have been in the post on blogger as well as his comments will automatically be inputted into a blogger account to display on your blog in wordpress. To perform the import on, the first step that must be done is of course my friend must have a wordpress account. For those who do not already have an account on wordpress, please register yourself here!. About ways to list, I'm sure my friend was able to do so. Now I consider my friend already have an account at wordpress. For how to backup the article my friend who is on / blogspot to wordpress, please follow the steps below:
  1. Please login first in Wordpress with your id
  2. Click the Manage menu.
  3. Click the sub-menu labeled Import.
  4. Click on Blogger. There will be writing an introduction from wordpress. Then click the Authorize button.
  5. After that the panel will appear to login to Please login to blogger with your id.
  6. Will display a warning from the Google Account, click Grant access. Wait a few moments.
  7. Buddy will go back to the wordpress panel. When my friend had some blogger blogs in one account, then all of these blogs will be displayed. Choose a blog article which would be imported. Click the Import button located on the right side parallel to the title of the blog who want to import.
  8. Wait until the import process is complete. Perhaps this import process will take quite a while, this depends on the number of articles on the import from blogger. If the number of posts have been very many, probably could take more than an hour. You can get a cup of coffee to just wait for the import process took place
  9. Done.

Now you already have an online blog archives without having to post them one by one. A note that needs to know that everytime you post the article on your blog in blogger / blogspot then the text will not be directly imported into wordpress, therefore, to backup the latest articles, you had to do the import process again as the steps above. One thing that allowed for in the know are in the process of importing the second or third or subsequent, articles that have been imported before the import will not be returned so that there would be no duplication of articles, so that the process of the second and subsequent import will not take a long time such as during the first import.

What do you think, is it quite interesting or not? but as I mentioned above that the new article posted on the bloggers will not automatically be imported, this is certainly going to require us to work extra to do the import process. The question that may arise is whether one can automatically perform backups? the answer is no. We only do it once, will henceforth be automatically in the backup. What facility is in use? This can be done among others through Google Reader or also through a blog that is on want to know how? Keep reading.

Online Backup via Google Reader

The other way to backup your blog online in my opinion is through Google Reader. The trick is very easy to become a reader of our own blogs through google reader. So every time you post articles on blogger, then this article will be directly sent to the google reader page belongs to us, more practical than the way in wordpress. About how to be your feed reader via google reader, I've posted. For those who are still confused, please read the article here!.

Online Backup via 
Practical ways other than through Google reader is through a blog on Like in wordpress blog, in there are facilities to import from blogger, but for, every article we post on blogger, it will immediately appear on the blog. So for issues of data backup blog articles, multiply the one who belong to the most appropriate.


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