HTML Paragraph

Making Paragraphs
You can start putting your information on the web page. For this purpose HTML provides tags <P>. This command has several attributes. 
Tag <P> generally to mark a new paragraph. You can also use tags <BR> to start a new line, but the use of tags <P> mainly used to make the group a paragraph with a specific style formatting. Here is a sample paragraph in HTML. 

<TITLE> paragraph.htm </ TITLE>
</ HEAD>
<p Align="center">
HTML is a very precise language used to display information on a Web page.
<P ALIGN="right"> HTML display the information in the form of hypertext and also supports a set of commands that can be used to adjust the appearance of such information.
<p Align="left"> many applications that can be used to easily create a Web Page, such as Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe GoLive and more . . .
</ P>
</ BODY>
</ HTML>

Similarly, heading tags, paragraph tags <P> have attributes to set the alignment or position regulator, which is left to flatten the paragraph on the left, right for right alignment, and center to put in the middle of the horizontal position.


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